Tellar EOD vehicles for sale at Withams...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by trackbasher, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I visited the auctions at Withams Specialist vehicles yesterday and saw 7 of these 'Tellar' felix vehicles in their yard (along with dozens of bedfords and Saxons etc.) . 2 of them were damaged but the rest of them looked o.k.......why are they flogging them so soon? is this another example of defence procurement at its finest?

    The link below has a few words to say about these vehicles as well ;
  2. just realised the panther is just a Hummer 2 with thicker skin (or am i a bit slow on this)
  3. Richard North at Defence of the Realm is a cowboy, so take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

    But god knows why they're selling those EOD vehicles, I thought they were quite new! Wonder if they're replacing them with anything.
  4. I was using the link to illustrate the vehicles as I didn't have any pictures - ..I wonder what the guide price will be but I bet it won't be £250.000 odd..

    I checked the pictures again - they were vectors :oops:
  5. Why did that article bitch about vikings? i thought they where doing a great job? OMG!!! LIKE CHALLY 2 WAS HIT BY LIKE AN IED AND SQUADDIE WAS INJURED LIKE THEY AINT SAFE WE NEED SOMETHING MORE ARMOURED!!!!

    On a lighter note, should i get one for driving through most inner cities? Lets see a chav nick that :twisted:
  6. Very true, sold at a knock down price as usual, one would suspect!
    No idea if they were fit for purpose when purchased though.
  7. The Latvians purchased the last lot of South African built EOD vehicles,which had been used in Bosnia,and sold by Witham.Maybe they will buy these too? The Latvians deployed these first ones to ISAF.
  8. That EOD vehicle in the article is still being trialed at Eelmoor, Aldershot.
    So i'm guessing it's not that vehicle as they are heading into service rather than out of it.
    Maybe i'm wrong? i standby for the corrections!
  9. Probably best to ask in the RLC forums one of the Ammo Techs would be able to tell you I am sure...
  10. Having studied the pictures from Richard Norths blog I believe the vehicles I saw at Withams were the Vectors :oops: (pictured with the EOD operators.) Still, they are still relatively new vehicles to be flogging off.
  11. They are probably selling the earlier versions that were bought quickly to meet the theatre requirements. These earlier versions had a host of problems - No air con, ECM varient poorly configured so could not be loaded with a wheelbarrow amongst other things.

    The latest versions have most of these ironed out now.
  12. Had them out in thearte in 03 so guess couple of years being thrashed around have left them needing a lot of mechanical work .And armoured vechicles are now used instead .
    Always seemed to have a joyrider at the wheels wether coming or going
    doubt there a good buy .
  13. This "cowboy" is trying to keep you stupid b******s alive and in one piece! If you think equipping EODs with unarmoured vehicles is clever, then you are on the wrong planet.
  14. But you seem to ignore the experiences of those who've used the vehicles you criticise, Viking and WMIK in particular, on ops and try to push your idea of everyone trundling round in massively over-armoured vehicles instead!
  15. yeah I do say cowboy, mainly because, as written by Charlie above, you refuse to listen to the point of view of people who've actually been there and used the kit. Even though you don't have the experience yourself.

    The fact that you are so stuck on your own beliefs and are unable to understand anyone else's point of view is a fundamental flaw.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about then, well proves the point in case!