tell yer mates to tune in!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scopey, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. right me old scutterrs.

    for my sins i present an online radio show(unpaid i add) on and my guest this week is a former marine ben baker.

    previously injured in the stan and now is undertaking an offroad motorbike ride to raise funds for the royal marines

    association Ben Baker is fundraising for Royal Marines Association

    ben was a lucky one and only lost part of his hand but he has got on with it and is making the most of his future.

    now how you slackers and back sliders can help by telling all your buddies to tune in and take part.

    you will be able to message in during the show and if there is time we may play some music.

    lamp swinging and tall tales are always welcome on my watch, so stag on chaps and hopefully we will see you all there..

    dont forget its BIKERfm - UK's Internet Radio Station for Bikers, It's more than just music 2200 to midnight , bullshine is a nessessity.



    ps. what are you waiting for get to it !!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh lord.
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  3. That's smashing.
  4. "Remember folks, it's all for Chairidee!"

  5. good men glad the sense of humor hasnt avoided you lot!!

  6. "And this is one for all you lonely bikers out there..."
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  7. Biker FM, would that be broadcasted from Nooo'astle then?

    Only joking have tuned in, sounds good gear!

    Am an off-road motorcyclator myself, although VERY novice.
    Keep up the good work.
  8. I ain't a slacker nor am I a backslider but I do tend to say **** Off when people try to tell me to do something rather than ask nicely :salut:
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well it has ******* avoided me. And who told you I was a man? ******* transvestiteist. Your sort make me puke.

    So, what precisely am I buying here?

    Ben Biker. A fat greaser with a mid-life crisis and hypoid grease embedded under his broken fingernails?

    Or Ben Baker. A lovely man committed to his art who can turn out a pan au chocolat for under a fiver?
  10. So when are we going to get ARRSE FM?
  11. **** me if you cant take a joke you shouldnt have joined!!!

    did you want a gold embossed invite?

    jesus some fekkin folk are sooo touchey!
  12. ARRSE FM - "Welcome to the breakfast show, lets take our first call."

    CALLER 1 - "Hi, I was thinking of joining up but don't know what trade to go for..."

    ARRSE FM - "Shit wind up, **** off"

    CALLER 2 - "Would we not be better off using 7.62mm than 5.56mm?"

    ARRSE FM - "Been done, **** off."

    CALLER 3 - "Should we have a medal for those wounded on tour?"

    ARRSE FM - "**** off and kill yourself."

    CALLER 4 - "Can you play some Quo?"

    ARRSE FM - "**** of, then **** off some more, then keep ******* off till you get back here then **** off again; **** this I'm off down the pub here's a track called Your Mum. *****."
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  13. Double smashing actually!
  14. Are Renee and Renato a band or a duo?

    I smell bullshit here.
  15. [video=youtube;C6ZDsUGiGqM][/video]

    So, Peter from Stevenage, how did it feel when she left you? Did you have a mid life crisis and buy a big bike?

    Well Simon, I realised she didn't love me any more and I had a really small willy and couldn't satisfy her.

    How big is your bike Peter? Cough cough, I was thinking about buying one.

    Well Simon, it's a Sickawoka 9000 with a built in vibrating seat.