Tell us your experiences of shortage on Telic

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by El_Pato, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. Pending Mods approval, and bearing in mind any potential opsec issues, why doesn't anyone who has first hand experience of shortages on Telic put them up here.

    A few rules:

    First hand experience only! (not Dave told Pete who told Mike who told me.....)
    Tell us what you didn't have on the day the war started, if the shortage was rectified and when.
    If it is relevant tell us your job in broad terms. (ie if you were a frontline Grunt or driving unescorted fuel convoys from the rear)

    I just think there is a lot of mis-information out there, and I wouldn't mind having a handle on the real deal.

    So Fire away........
  2. I am not speaking officially for Arrse , but I think this one might best be kept to PM's.

    If on the other hand, RHQ Arrse says go on ..........

    I'm just expressing a personal reservation Pato.

    I think a lot of guys here, will have a lot to say on the matter . Certainly, there are enough horror stories floating about.

    Guys and Girls, if you want to contribute SUBJECT TO APPROVAL OF THE THREAD , remember PERSEC and OPSEC.
  3. I agree with PTP.

    There are plenty of us that know about the shortages first hand, but sticking them on the web is not very bright.

    Needless to say the situation was as bad as you would think from the reports already published :evil:
  4. I agree with the previous posters this reasearch needs to be carried out to see the extent of shortages. I would sugest its done officially with the ap3/offical rolls of who was in theatre. There is no why in this forum to verify if the poster was actually on tellic. There is also some dispute going on with TA as to wether they qualify. Some are claiming they should get the medal because they were called up for the op and didn't go to theatre but were mobilised for it.
  5. How can you expect to be given the medal if you never made it into theater? That's worse than half the people on Telic 1 thinking that they are somehow going to get 2 medals..... do the job, take the pay and by all means complain about the kit (or not having it!) but stay real!
  6. If you didnt go you shouldnt get the gong.

    However there is a bit of a president for this.

    Granby gongs were dished out to blokes in cypus
    Telic awards given to people in Northwood.

    So Joe STAB gets mobilised, has his life disrupted and wants some thing to show for it.

    End of the day you will know if you earned your medal or not.
  7. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Ignoring the medals debate...... we have no issues with users posting their personal experiences on here


    All readers need to be aware that, as with any discussion on ARRSE ,the points raised are entirely the opinion of the poster and are not the opinion of the site, UK MOD or anyone in an official capacity. Be aware that opinions/statements/post may be exagerated, over emphasised or just a plain lie. There is no way of verifying their authenticity and they may be posted to provoke a reaction.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, please feel free to continue......
  8. medals medals medals the british army is getting more and more like the yanks everyday, sad people get a life, once youve got a few and you got to get them mounted and get miniatures as well maybe then youll realise what a pain in the backside they are.
    i hardly call what medal you think who should get an equipment shortage Nurse, they mean body armour, ammo, rations etc....
  9. When I first arrived on Telic I had not been issued a sense of humour. I did manage to eventually get one in theatre, but it failed. I have still not been issued with one. It's disgusting...

    BTW, El Pato, are you a journo?
  10. Well on arrival in Kuwait I was only issued with one bag of interest..... not the many 'bags' I was expecting. Strange, but one just didn't seem to be enough in the circumstances :-(
  11. Maj. malf and PP seem to have hit on the most important shortage that unfortunately seems to run throughout the whole fcuking army at the mo!
  12. let me know your address and ill send a new sense of humour and a couple of bags of interest (25% extra free), should be under the 5kg for freepost.
  13. Maj. malf and PP seem to have hit on the most important shortage that unfortunately seems to run throughout the whole fcuking army at the mo!
  14. Well TURP, it seems to me that to get a new sense of humour and a couple of bags of interest packed at under 5kg you have to be getting the new smaller bags of interest, not the huge big ones we used to get issued in the 80s.

    It might have to do with the red hoards over the border who were only there to keep us on our toes, stop too many of us going on leave at one go and to justify our budget. Really quite kind of them, and not a kit shortage in sight despite having 4 whole armourd divisions of us to keep supplied.

    A few years later with GW1 everyone had to hand in kit and pool spares just to send 1 armoured division into the desert.... that's when they started reducing the size of the bags and setting us on the long slippery slope.

    Purely my opinion you understand :-S
  15. Lack off kit! In respect of the widow on tele, my whole unit DS1B had to give the black watch our body armour, three days after they got bugged down in huge fire fights, 2 days later we were shot upon by yanks bit too close. our med kit was still in luggershall being packed. I actually got a body armour outer ( no plates no inner ) but was still made to wear it in case the tv crews seen us with out any. we were attached to 1 CSMR who withheld all their dessert kit because the QM fell out with our OC so we were green for no reason. On op telic two i had a ambulance but the air blowers were broke due to the heat the fluids all perished and i held no drugs because i had no where cold to store them. so when i crashed out i was usless as a assest. ive had more kit on tessex on salisbury. The RAMC is a sham its needs a few people sacking im ashamed to be part of it. even in war two sistering units still let unit pride come before operations some one get a grip before we all leave!