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Tell them or dont tell them

After being made redundant a while ago. I have been to a few interviews 2 of which I had to mention that I was in the TA due to the nature of the job I was applying for as my army background and experience puts me in good stead for the positions. There main concern expressed that was I likely to be called up (this question was never asked a few years ago when I last went job hunting due to the TA never being called up) I answered yes its possible. Strait away they each looked at each other and frowned. The first company came back to me today and said I was overqualified for the position... the second has yet to respond. My Question is would you tell them or mention it after they gave you the position... I know its not a legal requirement to tell them but why as volunteers should we have to lie or be selective about what we say.
     I would say it is a possibility . but it has not happened  yet . And any way my employer  has a right
of appeal if you dont want me to go  I wouldnt .
   Which  is I suppose  is a small lie you want to get your  foot in the door . So unless your a medic which i doubt  cos you are job searching here and not kuwait  :)
a potential employer does not really understand the armed forces and  needs to believe that you  wont
suddenly  leap into a passing  chinook  to sort out tony's
latest problem (like the congo )
        Play down the possibility of moblisation and emphaise the benefits the ta . like the posters in the paper say

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