Tell me straight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Am I turning gay, or turning into a civvy, or turning into a gay civvy?

    I have the taste for Starbucks. :oops: :oops:

    I cannot resist the allure of the "grande peppermint latte" The cakes and buns etc all look sooo yummy.

    I am deeply troubled.

    Still love my range stew and pint of tea, but that banana caramel shortie and the cinnamon twist is calling?
  2. You'll know you're turning gay when you find a c0ck stuck up your arse. Until then you're merely 'testing the water'.
  3. No mate, and can you bring me a mocha with vanilla in to work in the morning, and i'll let you bang my back door in again?
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Do you dab the froth from your chin with a napkin or the sleeve of your shirt?
    If it's the former,you need help! :lol:
  5. Speaking of "testing the water," the coffee's stronger in Cafe Nero.
  6. I admit to imbibing at the Cafe Nero in Westminster, next to the tube stn when I was workig there (Westminster) last year. They also do the loyalty stamps, buy 8 get one free. But Starbucks is the one..
  7. And the young ladies there are quite nice. One stamps the card when she takes your order, and the other one stamps it when you get served!
  8. I'll assume that 'Stamp your card' is some hip new euphemism?
  9. Have to keep a record somehow...
  10. The fact that you don't know may well lead one to conclude that it is.
  11. Heard a story a while back about some U.S. marines who wrote to Starbucks telling them that they enjoyed their coffee and could they send some to their unit in Iraq. They got a reply that Starbucks didn`t support the war or anyone who took part in it :evil:
  12. Can't say I really supported the war, the sand got everywhere. Anyway, politics shouldn't come into coffee.
  13. BUSTED

    Are there any US Marines that aren't in RECON?
  14. No, a thousand times worse. You're turning into an American. :twisted:
  15. Sheesh! Aw C'mon y'all, has anyone got a bellywheel for my new American gut?