Tell me again why UK foreign aid is ring fenced?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines • The Register

    So the Indian Government can find $11 Bn to build a fleet of advanced submarines. This is in addition to funding a Space Programme, and a Nuclear Weapons capability.

    All this, when there is serious talk of wholesale abandonment of complete areas of the UK's military capability under the SDSR, whilst the foreign aid budget is ringfenced.

    I think a foreign aid programme is a generally a good thing, but why give money to India when it can obviously afford to buy kit and capability of this quality?
  2. If they were to spend a substantial chunk of that $11 billion in the UK then the aid investment might have had some benefit.
    Will they spend it in the UK? I don't know, but I doubt it.
    If Vickers in Barrow got the order then the aid package could be considered money well spent.
  3. Fat chance, China or Korea will get the order. We keep chucking money at these states and seem to get next to **** all back while China seem to get the majority of the contracts and mineral rights, surely there ust be some way of saying we give you x amount therefore we must have y amount of return for it.
  4. Why is aid ringfenced? Well its so this money can be used to give to industry in the UK subsidies. Piss poor Country A gets aid, aid given on condition that country that gave it - B's products are bought. Country A pays country B its own money to buy country B goods. Country A remains poor but with a nice shiny White Elephant Dam/Airport/Bridge to nowhere/Irrigation system that is unsuted for the Monocrop of the Region. Country B keeps Dam/Airport maker in business. Pop Star C who is avoiding paying taxes in country B, D, E, F, G, H ,I , J .... says nice things about country B.

  5. i still like the idea of telling them,we've come to our senses and you can **** off,better.
  6. So Britain gets nothing in return for this so called aid???
    I think the folks at Westland helicopters in Yeoville might disagree.
    Indian Air Force Signs

    Why is Britain not in with a chance re: the submarine order??
    It might be because Britain only builds nuclear subs and the requirement is for diesels!!!!!!
    8ak - Indian Defence News

    Quote "8ak: Why are others like Fincanteri, BAE Systems and US manufacturers not in the deal?

    Yadav: RFI was sent to French DCNS, Spanish Navantia, Russian Rubin, Italy's Fincantieri and German HDW (now owned by Thyssenkrup). Great Britain and America only build nuclear submarines and not diesel electric."

    China won't get the order it's an enemy.
    Korea?? which one north or south??

    The truth about this so called aid.
    Cut in DFID aid not a concern for India

    Talking of beggers and poverty

    Ministers to build a new 'special relationship' with India - Telegraph

    You actually think that £250 million per year is a great deal, compared to UK exports of goods and services to India annually of £5 billion??
    Get a calculator and work it out.
    The Americans are way ahead of the UK, it's about long term trade.
    $5 billion India,US to ink huge military deal: report - GlobalTimes

    US offers top-of-line weapons to India-Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times
  7. I take it we don't import anything from India then? Or do they give us aid?
    Maybe the aid would be better spent cutting taxes for those that export goods from the UK.
  8. stacker1

    Of course Britain does, the days when trade was all one way are long gone.
    Have you actually read any of those links??
  9. So how much FA goes to Africa, and what do we get from them in return?

    If, and it's a big fcuking IF, we make a profit on the FA we send to India then fair enough. But there's no such thing as a free lunch and purely humanitarian aid with no quid pro quo is a luxury we can no longer afford.
  10. Werewolf

    I have no idea how much UK aid goes to Africa.
    But again it is not as simple as just handing out cash, although that does happen.
    The EC, which we pay shit loads to, pays subsidies to to exporters from europe to basically dump agricultural products in africa. Those subsidies come out of our taxes.
    There is no way 1 tonne of tomatoes/processed chicken produced in a factory in Northern England, where the workforce is paid UK minimum wage, NI, fuel costs and other costs etc is cheaper than all the local produce. Why should those producers be paid to export products that are not viable?
    Local producers are wiped out and then have to come to europe looking for work.

    Would you walk into a bar and buy everyone a drink for nothing??
    or would you buy someone a drink if you thought you would get something out of it??

    "If, and it's a big fcuking IF, we make a profit on the FA we send to India then fair enough. But there's no such thing as a free lunch and purely humanitarian aid with no quid pro quo is a luxury we can no longer afford."

    Did you actually read the link??
    Cut in DFID aid not a concern for India

    This big "AID" donation that everyone harps on about is approx £250 million over 3 years. The Indian govt didn't ask for it, thats why the UK govt offered it to NGO's ....Non Governmental Organisations, the clue is in the name, it is nothing to do with the Indian govt.
    Read the link, it is spent on UK "Consultants" to ensure the money gets back to the UK.
    You are right though there is no such thing as a Free Lunch this so called aid has a price such as the helicopter deal for Westlands!!
  11. Tell me again why UK foreign aid is ring fenced?

    We do it in a forlorn hope that it will convince other countries on the World's stage that we are what we were rather than what we are - a third rate nation with no money for its' own let alone for other countries.

    Every Govt, regardless of party would rather be overseas pressing hands and looking big whilst their populations at home were out ouf work / starving etc, etc. We are not the only nation that behaves in such a stupid way.

    All these nations that plead poverty do so to get money to pay for bribes, big houses, cars and to keep their populations where they want them - under the thumb and too poor and badly educated and dis-organised to rebel.

    I know some of that money comes back as has been said but I doubt if we ever get anywhere near back compared to what we put in. Rather like the European Community.....

    Rant over I shall now take a breath !

  12. So whats the need for a 250 million aid package? Is trade going to stop because they dont get it?
  13. Baksheesh.
  14. Yes it is Baksheesh, that is what it is.
    And no trade won't stop, of course not.
    This so called aid package was announced by Liarbour a particularly odious bunch of *******.
    Again Stacker1, it's not real aid, most goes to UK consultants and the rest to UK companies.