Tell me about pax

I have been persuded by that other post about pax to bother to take some out.

Can sometell me in simple, easy to read form bout types, proceures, applying, time to get it, expense, what covered for, etc.
I thought the easiest thing here would be to copy elements of a recent MOD internal communication brief, issued on 30 Jan 03. Hope it helps. The other number for PAX I have is 0800 212 480.


Currently PAX  (including RPAX and XPAX), which offers personal accident and optional life cover to Regulars, Volunteer and Ex Regular Reservists is still open to new applicants. PAX is available to Service personnel through unit administrative offices.

New applicants, and all those who joined last year have an exclusion clause for bodily injury arising from the effects of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. This does not exclude a ‘dirty bomb’ for which benefits would still be paid. Spouses and Partners are equally eligible for PAX and RPAX benefits and for the majority of other schemes available through commercial policies.

Volunteer Reserves wishing to join RPAX should contact the insurers, AIG Europe (UK) on 020 8662 8102; Ex Regular Reservists wishing to join XPAX  should contact 020 8662 8141).

On 30 Jun 03 the current contract for PAX, RPAX and XPAX ends, and they will be replaced by new schemes. Whilst every effort is being made to negotiate best value for money for scheme members, replicating existing benefits is unlikely in the current insurance climate and some combination of increased premiums and decreased benefits appears likely. Any changes will apply to all scheme members, both new and existing. Revised benefits and premiums will be promulgated as soon as they are decided.
yes but when PAX deciede there is going to be a war they will issue a closure date all new policies taken out with in the previous 30 days will then be cancelled.

The affinitas product most regular soldiers are getting deliberatley excludes TA. Its under written by scottish widows so maybe we should start to boycott them.
Without wanting to fuel this debate (!), it is an individual's responsibility to sort out his or her own financial matters - this war thing is hardly coming as a surprise to anyone so ALL should have been seriously considering PAX at least 3 months ago!
Yes but the fact TA soldiers are being called up at short notice and the main Life insurance product the regular army is trying to push its soldiers to get is NOT available to TA. I'm ok as I've no dependents,mortgage etc but for people who are married with kids mortgage etc they now find their civilian life insurance doesn't cover them.
With large numbers of TA being called up I think it is absoultley disgusting that the Army promoted insurance is not available to Reservists. Maybe the Big army should now either insist that we are included or stop promoting their products and giving them free access to units.
The MOD is not a financial adviser but there is nothing at all wrong with PAX. Just because the Regulars get it doesn't mean its the best - indeed, this extract from a recent MOD brief shows that the Regulars are actually being stiffed financially!!

•      Scottish Widows, the underwriters of Forces Safeguard have announced that they will introduce a war exclusion clause for all new members joining the scheme and for only existing members increasing their cover.  

•      From 14 February, prospective members will have the choice of joining without War cover on current premium and benefit rates or with War cover with premium rates loaded by 100 (one hundred) %  (ie doubled) and benefits reduced to 25% of the sum insured for claims for death or critical illness arising from War. For existing members these changes will apply only to any increased cover purchased on or after 14 February.
Scottish Widows, the underwriters of Forces Safeguard have announced that they will introduce a war exclusion clause for all new members
Yes, I heard about this.  :mad:

When is the government going to do something about this - they need to & quickly. Come on all you lurkers on this site working in PS at Upavon. Lets get this sorted and fast.

and forces safeguard doesn't cover TA either
This is way, way out of order,

would taking out a personalised insureance scheme from an indeppendant civilian broker be a better option do u think, all be it more expensive.
Without wishing to appear, smug, I TOLD YOU fCUKING SO!!!!

I put up my tale regarding RPAX, extremely good policy, and you all ignored it or took the piss.  Now that the balloon is going up - oh dear we seem to have forgotten the most basic thing, our own life insurance.

Is you car insured, is your house insured - so why not your life???

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