Tell it like it is?

With regards to all the recent media frenzy surrounding the shooting of the man while the police entered his house for a chemical device that hasn't be found or didn't exist the wording etc used at the moment is disgusting.

"The Muslim community do not want to feel as though the police are targetting their community"

Right, the 7/7 bombings, which community were they from? The failed 21/7 (or was it 23...) group? The reason they're looking at your "community" is because that's where these people are from. The police aren't going to go looking for American suicide bombers, raiding their houses.

The police TARGET the groups that give them most trouble. Are football hooligans being victimised? The police put a lot of resources into controlling football matches, does that mean the football community is a minority group being picked on? Certain groups and certain types of people commit different types of crime, it's how proper policing works.

Some fat cnut on the bbc earlier "Was the raid justified, well we'll have to see but probably not. Was the shooting justified? Of course not". That stupid fat cnut - does he know what happened? Now once the IPCC have finished their work and given the verdict and that does say the shooting should not have occured then fine. For now that w@nker is pushing his own agenda, with no idea what *actually happened* and the police can't comment because they're "too nice" and are constained by rules that others are not.

Can we not just have some straight talking? At the moment Islamic funadmentalism is a threat to this country - we will concentrate on them more than some other groups. The Irish problem I'm sure still has huge resources tied up in preventing attacks etc. What about violent animal rights people? A minority should never be allowed to take power over a majority, especially on the back of "racial blackmail" or any other kind of strategy that plays off the general goodwill of the majority.

Rant over.

Anyone want to add examples or opinion? I'm fuming :x
Totaly agree - after all most other denominations including Sheik (spelling?) and Hindu integrate very well into the community and therefore are not subject to police action - Muslims are the focus of attention as it seems to be Muslims causing the problems. Are the police going to make mistakes, of course they are, and as long as they identify them and learn from them there can be no complaint. I actually heard a member of the Muslim council of GB support the police action on the BBC this morning.
Exactly Crabby. If you're looking for Islamic terrorists, the key place to look would be Muslim communities. You can't be an Islamic terrorist and not be muslim, though some people would just say that the police and Blair are picking on Muslims. Where would they prefer that the police look for these people?
You can have a Black community group with no problems. Form a White community group and you'd be called racist.

I am told I can't fly my flag in my own country, yet others are free to fly the flags of THEIR home country.

I'm tired of this crap. How can a minority have the majority opinion?
drain_sniffer said:
Totaly agree - after all most other denominations including Sheik (spelling?)
Assuming you mean the religion then it's Sikh, the one you wrote means elder/tribal leader in Arabic.
Crabby for PM!!!

Muslims bring in on themselves, if they perhaps had a few days not wanting to kill people perhaps then the police would lay off them a bit.
Well said Crabby.

You should 'fume' more often.
You have my vote Crabby.

Really there is not a racial defining factor for terrorism. All of terror has to be stopped, no matter if the public don't see it as uber PC. Probably thay would be the first to critise if bodies were heaped knee deep in Oxford street on Saturday following a bomb. Not very nice then in the media, however the police/forces are a fair target for cries of incompetence and excessive use of force.

Slot the know it's the only way :D


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