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Have read through the threads, looked on int corp site. have found a lot of insight.
I am ex RS and ex RM and in civi street. Looking at the possiblity of an S-type or open engagement, again. Considering the Int corp, although have worked in TGHQ's etc have no real knowledge of int work other than at a distance or the occasional brief.

Could someone give us the lowdown on the corp, professionally and socially...the keys roles, different branches, day to day routine, ethos, fit women i read somewhere(make a fuking change from the bootnecks)??? etc... Also anything you can say on the training course, what is the key criteria, pass/drop out rates, etc. Particullary what branches these days are considered the best to be in + why?

Anything up to date from ex or lads doing the job is apprciated... if anyone knows what the conditions are for S-type/FTRS let us know


Don't really want to muck you around but, if you look at the top of the Int Corps Forum, you will see a couple of threads on questions about asking to join the Corps. Every now and then, there is always someone asking the same question you are asking now, about 2 a month. All they will get is abuse or "refer to top of forum" answers.

No one here is going to discuss the finer details of their jobs on this site over and above what is already published on the recruiting website or on the afore mentiond threads.

Good luck
rgr that m8, have read the above, that thread has become pretty tangled by now. but point taken I will be more specific and repost on it.

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