Tell Blair What You Think

Tomorrow Morning at 10 O'clock you have a chance to ask his imperial highness just what the fcuk he think's he's doing, as a part of the of 'The Big Conversation' blair will be answering questions on LBC radio 97.3.

Mr. Blair will host the live programme and will invite you, the listener, to come up with your own ideas to improve the country and tell him what the priorities should be for the future.
Dear Mr Blair,

Why is it that you didn't come and see me in Basrah when I was there, but send Buff Hoon out in his trackies instead?

Why are you doing birds (and blokes) do silly stuff in Iraq that they can't tell their grandmas about, because they would be frightened.

Why don't you pay us enough?

Why are we out there???

Yours sincerely,

Ms Mitchell

P.S. Pay your PA more too
The only thing I've got to say to Our Glorious Leader is un-fukcing-repeatable...., but true:- You ____________________________! (Fill in spaces where appropriate).
Nuff said!

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