Tell a Lie.

Rules are simple. Tell a lie about the previous poster on the thread. The bigger the better and imaginative ones win a prize.

As there is no previous poster I will tell one about the CO's

Bad CO and Good CO are the same person. And are both called Ann Widdecombe.

The dirty little spunk trumpet.


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Brettarider actually owns a Harley Davidson Dealership in Brighton.
brettarider said:
Prea is really Josef Fritzel's schizophrenic alter ego
Good lie, I actually am Fritzl.

Brettarider hates pushing 6 inch nails down his japs eye.
Mediumwhiteamericano isn't to be found down by the docks looking for rough trade from passing matelots every night...


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That avatar of Wevers's is NOT him walting it up during a soft-air match.
MrShanklyboots has no avatar as he is currently in borstal for raping a small dog.
MrShanklysboots said:
comedy dave said:
My grandfather knew Lloyd George.

Lloyd George knew my grandfather.

Comedy Dave definitely read the first post and gets what this thread does.
Thats a not a lie. I did read the first post.
I am at work and its too early.

Anyway, back on thread..........

Mr Shanklysboots has two left feet and does it with dead dogs.


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Comedy Dave does not, repeat does not take it up the arrse for dog treats.

Edited because he beat me to the post.

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