Discussion in 'Iraq (Op TELIC)' started by ARAN, May 18, 2009.

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  1. First post and I have probably phucked this up but here goes.

    Laughed my arse off today when I was called a TELIC ZERO, ie. 6 mth deployment in the bag but no medal because the time spent in Iraq is non-consecutive, ie. Beurhing - Basra - Beurhing etc, whereas my civvie friend is a TELIC HERO because she got her medal from Basra.

    Think its great that she was recognised, but thinking of starting a Telic Walt friendly society - any takers? :wink:
  2. WTF. If you spent 45days in Iraq Non Consequtive then you should still qualify. Like all the FP guys on Telic 13
  3. Do a tour with the RLC. They have a habit of going on tour for just long enough to get a medal. Then if some nasty man makes you stay for more than 5 weeks you can invent some strange injury and get home while still fiddling the system to get the full Op allowance because you were RTU on medical grounds.

    RLC - Right Lazy Cnuts
  4. You're taking the p*ss surely? :?
  5. Bit of a sweeping generalisation there. Which regt/trade of the RLC does this?
  6. Where do I sign?
  7. No names no pack drill. However the unit have not long been back.
    The bloke in question managed to injure himself in a way i thought only young lads can. To make it worse a couple of shiny arrse's got there had a look around and then bailed out after the required 5 weeks.
    People hurting themselves playing footy getting sent home, but still entitled to full Op allowance. Wrong or what?
    Seems to be a trend with this one unit, or is it common practice.
  8. Quite common practise, not so much on the Op allowance side but its amazing how many people get sent back who a few days after qualifiying for the medal compared to those who go back a few days before.
  9. not just the RLC!, AGC/SPS, they do it as well. They get the same benifits as everyone else but they only do a few weeks!! Annoys the shit out of me!
  10. Thanks Matregs but according to the RAO who spoke to the Medal Office the rules are 30 days straight?! Although 45 in a 6 month stint sounds reasonable but then I would say that! Unless someone is doing some good work the FP guys and others (whatever cap-badge) will dip.

    Dates are taken direct from the OPLOC form so if someone has cracked 30 days straight in Iraq between thrashing up and down the road then they need to make sure it is reflected on JPA or else no award.

    Important thing is that the 30 day journos, war artists, deployed and locally enlisted civvies, visitors and... mascots? all get the award and feel as though they contributed. Like I say, reason for post was not a whinge but because it is hilarious that a system introduced by the military for the military recognises the needs of our very deserving civvies. While those who served and did not qualify did nothing anyway!?

    Fantastic, I didn't see that one coming!
  11. When i was last over there, The REME,RLC,AGC were all sending there shiny asses over to Basrah from Buehring so that they would all earn a Medal ( I say earn tongue in cheek).

    As for a certain Unit that has recently come back from the sandpitt, There was quite a few of them playing the system, Not just the Junior Ranks either...
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This is true. Seen it first hand in a few cases. The medal issuing/qualification criteria is dodgy too. I got an Iraq Medal (I was on Telic 1) even though I never went anywhere near Iraq (much to my disgust and annoyance at the time, mind). I was sent to Pristina instead. Still, I've never worn the medal, so its not like I'm walting up something I haven't done.
  13. That's sweet; coming from a Tiffy.
  14. Amazing.....As far as I'm concerned if you have been on Op Telic for a minimum of 30 Complete days (30 complete, whole, 24 Hr periods) then you should qualify, if you have received your Op allowance (£13 a day) & qualify for R n R, you should qualify/get your OSM, irrespective of being in & out of Basra.
    I have been led to believe that if you had deployed in direct support of Operations then you qualify, however, at the end of the day its up to your C of C, how THEY interpret the Rule & Regulations.
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Tell that to the clerk who earned himself an MID in Afghan.