Theatreman said:
either that, TA, a medic or 18 years old and needs the gongs to distract attention from the spots.
Don't worry, TM, you will get your soon enough to add to the 30 others you got for sitting in a hospital! I can see it in 35 years time you clanking past the cenotaph, be lauded for your service, by the BBC, when in fact all you did was damp dust an OR and watch DVDs! :twisted: !
The appalling broken english in Joe Strummers original post (Get down the Education Centre) suggests a case of severe special needs in which case you'll be lucky to get a Jim'll Fix it.

Probably a member of the oft decorated and illustrious REMF :twisted: Mobile Bath and Shower Unit
No offence Mutley old chap. You joined the AAC. You deserve all the medals in the world. Shame MDN appears to have the monopoly but then he is a very brave boy.
Oh, anyone want a golden jubilee medal. They gave me two.
I was only kidding anyway Plod......1 jubilee medal is good enough for me...cant you find someone else to give 1 a paintball instructor or something like that...whatever you do, dont give it to a soldier whom might have been to the gulf but served less than 5 years etc etc.
Oh no, God forbid. I understood they only went to really, really important people who were in the Army when it was good !

I've pierced my nipples with mine.

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