read soldier magazine ref the awarding of 2 gongs for same tour, then go to the stores and sign out a life.
apparently the medal should be out in about 2 years so I am informed.
QMan9193 said:
Maybe even time for you to get one NQ!
There will be time for foetuses that are currently gestating in their mothers wombs to get one QMan.

Mr Happy

My boy will be born in January, if my balls were in Iraq does that mean he can get a gong? Or will I have to buy a packet of cornflakes for him?
your boy will be able to collect your balls and his own gong in approximately 18 years when hes there on tour himself.
who really cares as long as it's not soon!
I just had to shell out £76 to get them mounted for rememberance!
don't want to have to do that again for a while. :? :cry:
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