TELIC Medal - this cant be right - can it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bubbles_Barker, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. I'm told that the guys and girls based in Kuwait in Camp Buehring running highly dangerous CLPs every day up into the COB and elsewhere are not entitled to the TELIC campaign medal. In fact they've only just (a few days ago, after some serious lobbying) been given authority to receive the Operational Allowance.

    Now, call me old fashioned, but I would have thought that driving a barely armoured logistic vehicle through a very hostile area over well known and oft re-used routes would have qualified?

    Views please.......................
  2. What else do you expect from the cnuts in charge?
  3. Its at least 30 days in theatre (Iraq) or nothing. There has to be a set time or people visiting for the day will be claiming medals
    I was in Buehring in feb/mar this year and we got the bonus without a problem so who ever told you it was in the last few days is telling porkies pies.
    Lucky for me Ive already got the Telic 1 medal.
  4. Luckily for me, so have I.

    I agree there has to be a set time. But let's see now, how about pilots flying fixed and rotary wing sorties from outside Iraq - no medal for them? I think not, and a lot less risk in most cases.

    And as for OA, I think perhaps the fact is that SofS confirmed last week (I have the letter) that they would be allowed to continue to receive etc etc. My bad.

    Even so, clearly some twat was considering removing it.
  5. I stick with the "Your boots on the ground in theatre living there=medal scenario" otherwise you will get to the ridiculous stage of affairs (already seen and noted) of an RAF Flight Sergeant working in the same office as a WO2 with both sets of number 2 uniforms hanging up with identical medals pre parade. For example-
    RAF medal=Hotel California just outside an Italian airbase, 4* with air con, Sky TV and a pool.
    Ditto the other 3 he "earned" from elsewhere. He could also quote the hotel names for them as well.
    WO2's medal=A shithole with no electricity, running water and dig a hole to dump in with people shooting at you on random occasions (normally on a full moon). Lug 5 gallon water cans up 5 floors of stairs a day, every day hoping that if the wheel comes off you have enough to last. No contest there then.
    Ditto his others also.
    Where would it all end? A Whitehall medal perhaps? Purple Heart for a nasty paper cut or being fragged by a stapler?
  6. The criteria:

    At first glance, it seems cut and dried that they don't qualify. But look a bit closer and there's sufficient ambiguity to warrant further clarification.

    It doesn't say that personnel have to be resident in Iraq, just that they have to be in Iraq. It's a fine distinction.

    Also it doesn't say that personnel have to be in Iraq for 30 consecutive days, just that they have to have 30 days continuous service. Arguably, this could mean that they don't even have to go every day, but could be on a roster covering a 30 day period.

    It's tenuous. Given the circumstances, I believe the criteria warrants revision because it makes no provision for cross-border moves (unless you're aircrew). I reckon they deserve it.

    After all, it's no more than an admin issue that prevents them claiming that they're based in Iraq and making journeys to and from Kuwait, overnighting and taking regular OSD in Kuwait.
  7. Where would it all end? I'm not talking about the RAF getting Granby medals for being in Cyprus FFS. Fragged by a stapler? Try telling that to the guys and girls that do those convoys every day.

    Read the post. These are soldiers I'm talking about, not airmen flying from air conditioned accommodation, or Whitehall warriors (of which I'm one). I'm talking about guys doing a job that was done from Shuaiba, but is now done from Kuwait. Every day. Under possibly the highest threat you can think of in this theatre.

    They deserve the bloody medal - plenty of people got a medal previously for far less 'risk and rigour'.

    Personally I think it's Arrse. :evil:
  8. OK just to put this into perspective... barely armoured logistic vehicles don't run the routes from KSF to COB. There are no DAFs with sandbags hanging of the doors with loggie drivers truddling up and down from Kuwait to Iraq.

    Most of the vehs in the resupply convoys are civvy, driven by locals or TPN with force protection being provided. Most of this are from pers based at the COB with Mastiffs - and some that are based at KSF. As I understand it, for those guys at KSF which do the resupply Comds do try to ensure that they get there 30 days in JOA1(Zone 1) by rotating pers through different loactions in order to ensure that they get their gong. Some of my guys are in a similar position, and I've managed it so that they have all qualified. Those that are down at KSF in a benign environment aren't exposed to the risk - so don't deserve it. They still get LSSA and Op allowance.

    As for KSF itself? Anyone who has ever been there will know that it is has more facilities and is safer, than most UK towns!!! Its at the opposite end of the scale from the MiTT team locations or the CoB.
  9. Good call crusty, a few people here need to check into hotel reality!
  10. Crusty, not sure you are right to state there are no soldiers driving log vehs - most might be civvy, but there are undoubtedly some green vehs doing that run - and they are brave young men and women for doing it, with little protection.

    You are right, however, that those in Camp Boring should not get the medal - it is very benign (although risk of death from heart disease hugely increased compared to COB)
  11. isnt there a totally bone thread onhere somewhere with a link to a petition demanding that those deployed in support of an op but not actually in the operational theatre get a medal! Boy-Boy did that take some flack!

    Goes along the lines of 'I'm not entitled to it but I want it', that kind of thing.
  12. I was made to believe the Op Allowance will only continue for those personnel on Op Telic 12, but not subsequent Telic Tours.

    Could you clarify exactly what the letter from SofS says, or even better, provide a copy.

  13. really?_fascinating - I didn't say that there were no soldiers in the convoys- I said that most were driven by civilians and TPN. You are correct, that there are a few green/sandy vehs that make the run, although fortuately the number on PIKE is very low indeed.

    I hope that for these individuals, their respective CoC are managing their 30 days in Zone 1 accordingly to allow them to qualify for said gong. They unreservedly deserve the recognition.

    There is a rumour floating around the COB that there are plans to change the qualifying criteria to include 40 days(?) cumulatitive days in Zone 1. Anybody shed any light on that?