Telic Medal Question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GaSrAm, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. In Feb 2006 i'm to be presented with my Lord Lieutenants Certificate and have run into a slight problem regarding my (as yet still in the post) Op Telic gong, i spoke to informed people who advised i would be able to wear a borrowed one for the ceremony but the problem i have is i dont know if the subsequent telic medals are the same as telic 1 (ie do they all have bars with different dates on , or only the war phase medal has the bar and i could get away without it). Any info would be appreciated thanks .
  2. Only the war phase Medal has a bar, so go ahead and borrow one mate
  3. There is supposed to be a priority system in place for the issuing of the medals. This may be one of those instances. Speak to your admin staff, you may get your medal early.

    Alternatively, wear the ribbon without a medal and make a point.
  4. Thank you both for the heads up
  5. Just sat through a Lord Lts certificate dishing session. Quite a few of the guys there (crab movers mainly) had clearly earned the medal but I only saw one in evidence so I wouldn't get exercised about it.
  6. I'm sure there is some reason to this post .. but i'm afraid for the moment it escapes me .. verify your last over
  7. Put another way, it wouldn't matter if you didn't have one at all at the ceremony. You would not be alone; most of the guys under my command who have earned one wouldn't dream of wearing someone else's.

    Having said that, if your name is on an approved list, you are entitled to wear the ribbon but it does look odd without the corresponding gong.

    Do you have any others?
  8. many people have started wearing copies.......
  9. I now find it a better tactic to wear no medals, so I am conspicuous on any medal-wearing occasion. When some dignitary queries my aged looks and contrasting lack of medals, I respond that HM owes me four - which are all "lost in the post" somewhere - so its not worth getting my UN trinklets (which did arrive promptly!!!!) mounted. Stick the knife in wherever you can!
  10. indeed .. the initial question was raised as i can source a copy but there is no bar .

    i have a ribbon bar .. but would much prefer to wear the gong , and it seems to me the majority seem to think its ok to do so

    yes .. which is why i would like to wear them all and not just the ribbon bar.

    another reason for me to check on the validity of my wearing said gong for ceremony.
  11. All is clear now.
    Nowt wrong with copies. It's the earning that counts. Just do it.