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Mr Caplin written reply to Parliment said:
At the beginning of December 46 Iraq medals awaited award to service personnel.... Once eligibility was established, medals were usually engraved and dispatched within two weeks
As were all aware, the above reply is stretching the truth somewhat. So further to the other telic medal thread, i thought it would be interesting to know how many other ARRSERS are still waiting for their medals. And i bet its well over 46!!

If your still waiting, put down the date you returned from the sandpit.

Me first, returned mid December 2003, still waiting.

Mr Caplin, like so many of his Ministerial colleagues, does seem to have an unfortunate habit of (no doubt unwittingly) misleading the House. His statement about 46 medals has the same ring of veracity to it as his now-famous 'the leaflets will be delivered in early February' remark.
A trend seems to be developing, and it doesnt seem to involve getting it within 2 weeks :(

returned july 03 not even a hint i am begining to think these medals are a mith
Feb 04. Still waiting baby
I was out there with Fuchs66 on Telic 1. We got back June 03 and not a sniff of a medal so far. Seen a picture though, so they do exist. It was in a book with lots of pictures of Yetis, Loch Ness Monsters, Bigfoot amd little green men in flying saucers. So it has to be true huh? :roll:
I'm sure they do exist. Could just be the medal office flogging them on ebay for 300 quid a time :wink:

Its obvious Mr Caplin was alluding to 46 medals sat on the shelf waiting to be posted off to units. But its blaitently misleeding.

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