Telic Kit Issue

With an impending tour in the sandy country I was wandering what the score is with a second issue of dezzies and all the other kit that is issued for Telic.

First tourers get issued all the kit.

What happens for second tourers?

I was under the impression that Telic kit is a one off issue, and that if you do another tour you should get all the kit issued again.

Is this right?
The kit should be on your unicom record - i'm off back to the hot and sunny soon and am sorting out the same thing. The answer i have had is that if you are short anything compared to the current issue, you will get it and you can exchange anything you have that us un-servicible.
You get a reishue but you get the choice 2nd time around to take it or no to! So it all ends up on your unicom so at end of a few tours you could have a lot of kit or just opt out and not take it or hand it back in at end of tour.

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