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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, May 31, 2005.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    Right, all being to plan, I'll be in I raq later this year. So just wondering if those in the know could come up with some useful kit, things to take like digicams etc. and just general advice for a bit of a nig.
  2. Well for a start, you may wish to ensure you have the right basic kit!

    Desert Boots
    Sunglasses (not ridiculous ones mind!)
    A decent sleeping bag and a liner (personal preference, I like them)
    Plenty of T-shirts
    Plenty of socks
    A decent knife (again no K-Bar or Rambo things)

    Others may be able to guide you on special to arm stuff; you do not say what you are and what (roughly) you will be doing...
  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    Sorry, you are right, I'm TA arty. but would be performing a basic light inf. role. Lots of stagging on! Bit of convoy escort and that some patrolling.
  4. Good boots with good insoles
    Good socks - the issued desert socks are excellent but you need more.
    GPS might come in handy
    Comfy undercrackers
    Cotton sleeping bag liners
    Patrol pack type bergan
  5. Right it gets bloody cold out there in the winter . You will get wet as well . The kit issue you get from the army for IRAQ is very good so you will not need to buy anything else really . A lot of it depends what job/unit you are in . If i was going out there again this year say winter , on top of the issue kit , i would take a pair of Lowa boots that is it . As for camaras etc fill your boots take them , you can get that stuff out there very cheap but the quality is a bit iffy .
  6. Lots of zip-lock and freezer bags for your electrical goodies and other stuff - one dust storm and everything looks like its been DKP'd...

    Small battery razor

    Hardback day-to-a-page A5 diary. I'm not usually a diary scribbler, but I made the effort to keep a daily log during Telic1 and now I'm glad I have it as a momento.

    Cheap hobby knives with the snap-off blades. Weigh nothing and you always have a sharp blade for sewing, cutting up maps, opening ration pouches, etc.
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Cheers lads keep em coming, only specialist units are issued windproof smocks for Telic arent they, as I have a temperate DPM one and it is one of the best investments I have made in the keeping warm side of things, just kills windchill.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good luck!
  9. Body armour and lid are useful too.
  10. True, but even better is to get stuff exported to you tax free. I lashed out on an expensive digital camera and lens while out there and got more than £300 knocked off the best UK price I'd previously found. Result!
  11. infantry get the smocks so you might be lucky chest rigs/assault vests are worth taking remember gortex or you will get wet :) .lap tops can pass a lot of time .extension leads with multiple plug sockets are useful
  12. Lot's of memory for said digicam, may be useful unless you take a lap top to download your piccies. ipod or something similar. skiing goggles- brilliant in sand storms.

  13. Invest in a solar shower if you don't get issued it, That way you will never be stuck for a shower. Even if your out in the middle on nowhere and havn't got cro-i-mex's/TCU's or when the MBLU goes down.
  14. Union Jack beach towel. Remember, your working near septics.

    If in doubt, pull it out!
  15. Sad and very REMF, but a duvet and pillows can be purchased from EFi, and any fool can be uncomfortable.
    I'd of given my left testicle for a laptop and radio, don't bother with dvd's they are extremely cheap,but music is somewhat harder to get hold of, or get an i-pod and load it fully.
    Don't bother with knives,RAF pigs will let you take them in but not let you bring them back. Plenty of t-shirts and a decent set of sand-goggles .
    If you need anything else just pm me, i've been back a few weeks and more than happy to help.