Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by alec_brickie, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. i know to alot of you this is a stupid question but what are they are they iraq afgan?
  2. telic - iraq

    herrick - afghan

    hope that helps AJ_W
  3. No such thing as a stupid question, there is, however, such a thing as a question that doesn't make sense.. :D

    What exactly do you want to know brickster?
  4. I would always say that until a recruit asked me, "Corporal, would this rifle kill a whale?"
  5. bravo bravo that made me laugh. i just keep reading that people where going on tours to telic/herric and i didnt know where they were.

    can you tour other places because i only read about telic/herrick.
  6. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can beat that:

    "Cpl, how long do you boil these boiled sweets for ?"
  7. Quality. what was your response?
  8. B_B ditto what TBK said. Fell off me chair!!!
  9. Wood a bulit from that gun actualy kill a whale? If you shot it in the hed?
  10. Can any1 tell me? wood a bulit from a gun kill a whale if you shot it in the hed?
  11. I think my reply was along the lines of, "It will kill every whale you are likely to meet in a warfighting environment".
  12. But Corporal, does that mean the Taliban have whales as part of their orbat ? *earnest stare*
  13. I'd need to check with the braney types from the MI.

    Any here?
  14. Ones that can spell ?
  15. Or realise that irony is not just like goldy and silvery...