Telic & Comfy Boxs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pox_Dr, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I got back from Telic (Shiabar) in Aug 04, following a 8 months tour. I am currently on terminal leave & will be out 26/02 following 22 yrs.

    The problem I have is comfy boxes, mine is still somewhere in the system & my unit in its wisdom is planning to bill me for kit thats in transit.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can expertite my boxes or anyway round being billed god knows how much.

  2. When I de-kitted, I turned up at the stores with a red PT vest & 2 KF shirts & a crate of Ale.....

    Never got billed a penny :)


  3. I dont know anything about transit times from Shaibah, but 5+ months sounds v long to me. Others in the know will advise, but one angle to consider is - kit insurance? the insurance company may accept (if not now, then later) that the box has 'gone west'. If you do have to reimburse the value of the kit, the insurers should accept that as the value for their purposes. Plus of course there is your personal stuff. Recommend you report it to the insurers now, anyway.

    I do recall someone's box being maliciously readdressed to BFPO 1 (Hong Kong), but I dont suppose that's the explanation in your case!

  4. HCW

    PS in the absence of any replies ref Shaibah consignment:

    BFG 9000's point is a good one IMHO, I also had an initial nightmare on dekitting after return from somewhere, printouts included duplicate items I never had in my service. But when I produced what kit I actually had with my explanation, there were no probs at all and there was no come back about the occasional right-angle torch and whistle which I am still coming across in the attic!

    And btw any consideration I got was not down to my rank (Pipe Cpl), they would have done me for sure if I hadnt responded, and after 22 reg service you deserve a lot more consideration than I ever did.
  5. Got back from Telic in Feb 04, My box arrived in September, My weapons in August, my RQMS was just loving me.

    Put in kit claim as I was off to Fingle - got my cheque then the following week got me box - course I handed back the cheque....... :oops:
  6. What's a comfy box - is it what the better half has and lends you once a blue moon?
  7. Once in a blue moon ? ya lucky b'stard
  8. Blue moon normally occurs when I am being fecked around on ex or in NI!!

    hang on ... how the feck do you know whether I'm lucky or not!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My MFO box took 2 days short of a year to get back from Shaiba. Do I win a prize?
  10. Just short of a year!!! 8O Thats got to be worth something. As for my dekit. Aparently they were getting a little tied of the excuss of my kits in transit.

    Anyway, following a a little bit of iimagination & a box of stella, My bill came in at around £40. Not bad when you consider I was missing my entier Gulf issue.
  11. This is bloody ridiculous. Even 5+ months in TCW's case is bloody ridiculous.

    As Admiral Beatty said at the battle of Jutland, ‘There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today.’

    I think sometimes its the old sweats who can see that something in the system has got worse, as well as the things which have improved.
  12. Right this has got to be some sort of record.

    I left Shiabar in Aug 04 & left after 22 yrs in Feb 05

    Today (19 May 05) my old unit contact me to inform me my boxes arrived today & await collection.

    10 months!!!!!

    All intact with full contents, so following the fact Ive dekitted I will be posting quite a few bits on ebay. Almost a complete desert issue plus a few extras. All legally mine as Ive dekitted & either the kits been written of or paid for by myself.