Telic 9 Compulsory Mobilisation Notice

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by danielsan, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody who is expecting one got them yet?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    No, because all mobilisations are voluntary.

  3. Yes weve covered this elsewhere, but the letter is none the less a Compulsory Mobilisation Notice therefore my question is - has anybody else who has responded to requests for "volunteers" received their notice / joining instructions as yet?
  4. Hi

    I've been told that I'm 99.99% likely to be going but still no envelope!!

    There is a sign in our TAC that says we'll be going to Chillwell on 19 August, that's only 4 weeks away!

    Just wish they would get their finger out - they don't seem to realise how much "stuff" has to be organised, both at work and at home.

    Also, the passage of information has been appalling - having to rely on an unofficial website to find out what the hell is going on is an absolute disgrace!

    Anyway, rant over - if anybody does receive their envelope, please let us know!
  5. May possibly have mis-read mine - merely says Aug 06 - which I took to mean 06/08/06 and have given said date to uni - plenty of time to get less fat then! :D
  6. they cant send out the paper work until 21 days before ure mobilised something to do with ure employer ive just gone through chillwell (OP Herrick rifle vols) it was the same for us have fun at chillwell as its all matts its really long days
  7. Oh the joys - and Im already bounty qualified and will get to do it all again. :1:
  8. Is that your stock standard answer to every question on mobilisation? The clue is in the question, who is expecting one i.e. volunteers.
  9. We did'nt get ours until 3 weeks before on both our Deployments!!

    Those that are going, best of luck, hope all goes well.
  10. I was told that 21 days was the target but but was then assured that they were trying to work to 28 days. I hope they are because I legally have to give 28 days to terminate my work contract! Not that I'm too worried as the company I contract to contract to the MOD so they shouldn't get too funny about it. But if they do I will lose the goodwill that exists and find it hard to regain another contract on my return. Still it's my choice and I willing to take that risk. Having stated that I believe that 21 days is not enough for this sole reason, we have known we are going for months so what is another 7 days?
  11. The following thread was discussed on this forum a few months back, but may be of some use to those about to head to sunny climes: - Intelligent Mobilisation - A definition.

    For my two penneth, it seems surprising that the notice period is still in real terms very short. HOLLOS's comment in bold above - can anyone confirm this, and if so, the reason why? It seems that the MOD are hiding behind an urban myth here. As VerminWA states, he has to give 28 days NTM to his employer, which leaves him between a rock and a hard place. This appears to be crazy, my former employer reckoned that by my accepting my call out and leaving work to arrive at Chillwell on the date ordered by Glasgow, that I was breaking my contract with them, and therefore, the RFA wouldn't stand up at a tribunal, etc, if they chose to terminate my contract through me breaking it.

    My only advice to VerminWa and anyone else in a similar position is to make clear to your own CoC exactly the postion you are in, and request some form of acknowledgement from them. There are too many in TACs up and down the country who don't communicate these issues up the chain, on the basis that "once mobilised, you're not our soldiers anymore". Before I get nominated to stand at the business end of the range and take some good incoming, I do realise that many TA units / TACs do communicate these issues up, but for those that don't, the individual's position is often ignored.

    Either way, one of the effects of a shorter than anticipated mobilisation period, is that the employer is left with a bigger problem than they were under the impression of, in the event of your mobilisation. What impact does this have on the employer's view of employing TA and Reservists?
  12. ABrighter 2006 - I get your point mate but with mobilisation you don't need to give 28 days notice because you are not terminating your employment - your job is of course protected!!
  13. Thanks Cutsy, I can never get enough irony on a Monday!
  14. If you want to know for sure call the freephone number at Glasgow
    They will check for sure and tell you when your letter is going out

  15. But I am, I am a contractor and am not, as it were "employed!" 21 days is woefully short knowing I have to give 28 days notice. And yes I have highlighted this up the chain.