Telic 8 FP TP 1LSR

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GSSigs, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Any lads on here from 1LSR who were out doing FP? Apr-Nov 06

    Be great to chat and catch up.

  2. Any one ??

    Must be someone out there
  3. No joy GS Sigs? I wasn’t on TELIC 8 but as all SLB based LSR tours are all similarly rubbish I will happily trade reminiscences with you about bored RSMs touting endless bullshit regulations, ********* digging out for their CR by organising endless pointless competitions and a CO who wanted to be in contact so badly he was always dragging the rest of the untrained RHQ along with him – sound familiar?
  4. Are you a carpenter by trade? because you hit the nail right on the head there. :D

    Thank God all the previously mentioned always stay away from ammo. Makes for an easier life
  5. Ford

    We had a great tour, pretty busy with over 500 ops for the troop.

    yer there was the bullsh1t factor with the RSM thinking we were still in PRB. Also had the sqn OCs thinking force protection was just a jolly and moving people every week or so, just so they could say they had been out of the wire. We had a great troop Staffy who just told em to f*ck off.

    All in in a good tour.

    Shame there isnt anyone else on here.
  6. Genuinely pleased you had a good tour. Clearly you wanting to find the lads is testimony to the fact that you were tight and had a great shared experience.

    Now get off your computer, go to the Bop, get shit faced, fight a lesbian and then get yourself down the house of pink. I mean knowing Deutsche Telecom you could probably have a millionaire’s weekend in the Eros centre for the price of your internet connection.

    I think maybe that’s why none of your buddies are on here! :D
  7. I like the bit about people wanting to say they had just been out of the wire. All you lot in FP walked round calling everyone camp rats like no-one else in the Army has ever done anything like go on a patrol. Of course all the seniors as well joined the Army as seniors and never did tours of Northern Ireland when it was a damned site naughtier than anything our (Yes our) Regt came across on TELIC.

    Dont forget, there are people that read this and know exactly what you did. I don't dispute for one second your job was hard but don't cheapen it by making out it was worse than it actually was.

    And if I remember rightly, these patrols that the OC used as a jolly went ahead every week without fail, so clearly your staffy (who I know very well) didn't f**k people off every time did he.

    All I can say is that a lot of FP Tp needed to just grow up and get on with their job.
  8. I think you're the carpenter there rossi :)
  9. rossi nice to see that not everyone is still a cynic!!! it sems that theatres all over suffer from people who want to get outside the wire and get into contacts (usually follwed by getting onto stretchers carried by people who said they shouldnt be there)

    when will people realise that just doing their own job as well as they can (or a bit better for the special children out there) will contribute more than 'getting amongst it' and place less burden on those who spend weeks/months training as a unit to work in threat environments. if they want contacts, transfer to the infantry!!!

    nuff said i hope, hear endeth the rant

    ps am no expert so dont rip me for pretending to be one!
  10. just thought of contacts.. open their outlook address book....glad to see that rapid fire wit has not died out completely.. nor has my crap spelling!
  11. Why do we always feel the need to snipe at ourselves. There is nothing wrong with rivalry and taking the pizz, infact it is healthy and is part of our life. However, doing whatever is your job, ensuring those around you are doing there own and looking after your soldiers is the most important thing...why have a go at a trade that is 'within the wire' or REMFs or whatever else is the buzz word today...we are all part of the same machine, just different cogs but without even one of them the machine doesn't work properly.
  12. Hear Hear.
  13. no no! here here!
  15. I know a few from the 168 Pnr Regt (v) who were part of the team

    I alas had a few experiences with you, but my life was, mainly in the ops room ..... your right the SSgt was a good guy - REME .. and your officer was not bad - believe he is now with 8 Tpt Regt