Telic 7

I am told the decision was made on Telic 7 today in the defence select commitee so units for deployment have presumeably been finalised.

Lets get packing.
Quite a few posts require 2 months pre deployment training with the unit after you gone through RTMC. Plus you'll probably get a months warning so letters June/July.

So units will be now building their shopping lists, guess these will be sent to relevant Temping Agency for suitable contractors within a few weeks.
[quote[What decisions do the Defence Select Committee make? I thought that their output fell on MoD deaf ears![/quote]

Dunno, just what I got told. A few companys of TA Infantry are going, but if you're one of those affected you'll know about it (yes it is compulsary).

First set of party invitations definetly go out june.

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