Telic 7 call-up

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Neuroleptic, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know when envelopes will be hitting doormats for the next Tranche? Or has it already happened.

    Any wild and unsubstantiated rumours gratefully and uncritically believed.
  2. Any time now Neuro , but most of those going from my unit already know they are.
  3. It would seem that Kentigan House are refusing to challenge any appeals against mobilisation. Met an acquaintance at lunch who said that he put an appeal in because he thought he couldn't get compensation unless he appealed in some way although he was happy enough for his employee to go. Next thing he knows is a letter saying that his appeal was successfull! Claims it was a simple two line job along the lines of: "Bloggs is a vaulable employee. We wish to appeal against his mobilisation"

    I did some digging and quite a few mates who thought they were going are not going despite having reluctant agreement from the boss.

    FFS how can it be compulsory mobilisation if MOD is not going to stand up to wishy washy appeals??
  4. I would ask you to take me at my word that you are wrong in this respect. Appeals are very carefully considered and - whilst most are supported, proving that the appeals process is valid and we are an employer-friendly organisation - some are challenged and are over-ruled where the nature of the appeal is spurious.

    The numbers likely to appeal are included in the calculation for total number of "brown envelopes" sent out so that the powers that be can be reasonably confident in their ability to generate the required force. Those of you who have been mobilised should be able to support my claim that the appeals procedure is made crystal clear to employers.

    How long we can continue to sustain the numbers being mobilised and still either allow and/or support valid appeals is a matter for discussion way above my pay-scale and is unlikely to progress beyond mere speculation in these forums ;)
  5. I'm guessing that the number of MOD challenges has dropped substantially since Telic 1 and I'll also bet that the numbers are a tightly guarded secret.

    It would seem that unless it was written in crayon it's valid. I know one soldier that just hassled Kentigan House on the phone and that was him off the bus and as he works for one of the big boys I'll bet the sand dodger knew his bosses were not going to appeal.

    Now where's my box of white feathers?
  6. Is there an appeals process for us Regs?

    Shut up, you took the queens shilling now pack your kit!
  7. My point precisely, I had expected MOd to be a lot harder on squealers, especially those that are making a habit of it.
  8. This appeal process is for employers. See abacus's post. Some soldiers might be getting their employer to appeal, other soldiers are willing to serve but their employer has objected. It should not be necessary to explain why the employers appeal system does not apply to regular personnel!
  9. Hmmm was called up for Telic 1 and my (German) employer put in an appeal (meaning he wrote it out in German and expected me to translate it for him) I basically wrote my own letter whereby I stated that my employer wanted to appeal on the grounds that I was indispensible and that in my opinion this was a load of bolox and he could easily spare me for 6 months, what did they do? He got his appeal through no ifs and buts. So in the end I told him to stick his job and went anyway but had major hassle because of it.
  10. Lads, you are obviously new to arrse. I suggest you read the extensive forums on this subject.

    I will not dwell on why TA types are appealling, but i will try to put it in perspective.

    Imagine. at your unit, a bloke says ' Been selected for a 6 month rugby tour in Oz, can I go?'

    Because most employers view the TA the same way.

    Of course you will both be happy to take on all his work whilst he swans off for a good time ..... right?

    Back to the Rugger type: He has his pay halved, his chances of promotion are binned for the next 5 years, his family are left to fend for themselves for six months and his rugby club are don't like him cos he's not a full time player, despite the fact that he puts every effort in.

    He gets injured - after he gets back, has to travel for 6 hours to the Rugby Medical Services cos due to cut backs there are no RMS in the south of the country. Doctor out playig golf, so rugger boy has to pay for a cheap motel and wait until the next day. Expense never re-imbursed cos his rugby club don't have the forms and the freephone number just rings out.

    Gets back to his job and binned or his former juniors are now in charge of him. Rugby club say 'we would love to help but our hands are tied by the new civil service team running part time rugby clubs'. As a forward, he doesn't quite fit into the Diversity profile.

    Gets binned from the rugby club

    The rugby club that first sent him there have no money to practise anymore and the coach is away on tour in Oz. No one can remember how to play the game.

    Would you volunteer to go .... for a second tour?
  11. Any employer that takes the time to look at the sabre website wins their appeal, I've not heard of any that have lost one. That includes appeals from those indirectly/directly employed by the MOD.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    For those of you still keen to get sand in your working parts, and not put off by the depressing posts on this thread (and sadly it's true regarding appeals, certainly as regards my experience) then try this link:

    It's the Army website, with a long list of 'vacancies' for Telic 7. Just apply, all the rest is easy..................
  13. Not as such but I would hope that an intelligent CO would use the composition of the Rear Party as an extra string to the compassionate bow.

    For less serious issues than operational tours there is the good old "Impact Statement" that I believe is used rather liberally in some quarters.

    Further to other posts, and to put the case for the employer, I know of at least one employer who has refused to appeal on behalf of a TA Soldier for precisely the Queen's Shilling issue. Admittedly the composition of this employer's senior management is rumoured to be particularly forces friendly ;)
  15. Oct / Nov...plenty of jobs of my lads is going for a dog Handler....he should be up to speed as he has ad a few in is life.