Right I'm off to Telford on a course in a couple of hours. I am acutely aware that the place may be a bit of a sh1thole, however I have to go. So where is good to eat and drink? I intend to corrupt other course members into going out on the lash and its all gonna go on expenses.

So, any ideas on what I can do and where I can go to keep myself entertained of an evening?
where are you staying, town centre or elsewhere. let me know nd I will see if there is anything around.
the place is a dive, with an out of town shopping centre for a town centre, but the older parts have better places to go. Pussycats in Wellington is your typical crap club. Ironbridge has pubs and serves food, but is a taxi ride out.
I dont know if i am staying in the TC, poscode is TF3. So its a dive then? Great, looks like I will be a hotel rat for a week then.
best bet is to get a train to either Shifnal, Wellington or Shrewsbury.

Oh, now I have caused trouble in Shrewsbury before, hang on isn't the helicopter School there too? I might be sorted then, I think I know a medic there.
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