Whilst not a thread on computers or games I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this.
Which is the best quality of TV to get these days LCD or LED and what's the difference? My old black and white set is about to pack up!
Just to make it worse there is now something called DLP TV..

No idea where they stack up against LED/LCD/Plasma/CRT/etc etc.
If you go into most Curry's stores, they have three TV's same company, showing LCD/LED/Plasma in comparison.

Bit too early to buy 3D for me.

Eventually there will OLED as well.
When I bought my new TV last year. A 42" Plasma - Panasonic (I couldn't afford a bigger one as I'm poor).
I was told Plasma was best if the screen size was over 36", and LCD was better if under this size.
No idea if this is true or if I was sold a pile of horseshit.

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