Television News Coverage Of Conflict and Combat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malden_Island, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. My wife is studying for a PhD and she would like to know the opinions of serving soldiers on the coverage of deployment in Iraq and Afghganistan on television news. She asked, I'll take the flak. She's not a journo
  2. Most of what happens is not reported at all and the little that is is wildly inaccurate and negative. Having said that, a couple of recent programs have been very good - particularly Dispatches from Afghanistan.
  3. Patchy and short-termist. Only interested in headlines with little in-depth analysis or follow up.

    Bar a few notable exceptions (e.g. Dispatches), none of the news channels or current affairs programmes do the cause of informing the public any justice.
  4. May I ask what your wife is studying and why she wants the opinions of those serving?

    Is she after general thoughts, or more in depth thoughts?

    An idea of the question/aim of the project might help to get the types of answers you want/need.
  5. i think without the media films and photo's coming back from iraq and afghan , the government could quite easily turn a blind eye to the problems the lads on the ground are having with equipment and lack of helicopters and the like, but that said there still not doin much to sort it ,all they gotta do in afghan is buy some hip-c's and the like cheap as chips , they where designed for afghan for crying out loud! but pride and giving money to there mates gets in the way of the obvious solutions.
  6. I may be wrong but I'm sure I've seen quoted at the hieght of the troubles in Ireland there where 78 helicopters, there's 13 in afganistan, I might be wrong but it makes you think.
  7. My wife has often been able to spot me at 'difficult' moments due to a combination of factors ie: the nature of my particular job and the public interest in the area where it was happening (Bos '93 for example).

    So far the only member of my happy band of 4 not to have made the national news is my daughter; thats because the olympics are in 2012, just as her coaches reckon she'll be a competitor.
  8. MI

    don't want to p1ss on the fireworks, but have You gone through Bad CO about this?