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Are there any Arrsers out there employed in the TV industry?
I am looking for work in the northwest of England, behind the camera, for my daughter who has recently completed a 2 year Broadcast Media course with Distinction, and is struggling to get a toe-hold in her chosen field.
I'll ask her advice but I know she had to start at the bottom (making brews, etc) before working her way up to script editing and then moving into the field of producing. A good way in is to get in touch with an independent production company and offer to work for nothing to gain some experience. It's a very competetive industry and so its all about who you know.

This is who she works for.

You can probably work out which one she is!
Thanks for that. As you say it boils down to who you know, and with the exception of one of her tutors, an established and familiar name within tghe industry, she knows nobody.
#7 sister is a Production Manager and has worked for a number of good independents as well as C4 and BBC .....what does your daughter want to do? You just mention "behind the camera". PM me if you like and I will see what info I can get from sis


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You got £60?

still21inmymind said:
Thanks for that. As you say it boils down to who you know.
So tell her to get to know people. Pay £60 to join this

Its run by the guy who invented Tribe Wanted. Be a bit more specific about what job she (eventually) wants. PM me of you want. I'll ask some chums in the business. Or PM ARRSE member Barbie. She works in IPTV and owes the ARRSE a favour.

One last bit of advice? With any media job, you either buy your way in (friends & family in high places) or you boot your way in.

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