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Can u imagine these four freaks, coming to a guard room near you, Taking over from the MOD Plod or ACW´s(if in Germany) and stagging on the gate, You can imagine the sort of comments that would come out of them, Like
One would say, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! caaaar
then the other stupid three would repeat it.
Then can you imagine this but with the rest of the polava i.e id please, can i vcp your car etc etc

Then when they go to the mess for tubby toast and tea at NAAFI Break.
what other stupid jobs you reckon they could do? ???


yeah i suppose your right which one are you ???
stinky winky,gipsy,lala or poo? ;)


War Hero
I think I must be Poo!!

And if I ever bang into you in the future, I will re-live my name and curl one up on your head, Saddo!!!

hehehe - I'm waiting!!!! ;D
Little-known fact about the teletubbies..... The red one isn't real.  Because the teletubbies often got out of control and kept kakking on the grass during early shooting for the first series, the producers had to somehow get the trainer closer to them during filming and came up with the idea of putting him in the amazingly life-like suit.  If you watch carefully you can sometimes see him grabbing the yellow one to get him back in the shot.... You'll also notice that the yellow one is never seen from the back... the IBA thought that the anus stood out against the yellow fur too much and deemed it unsuitable for childrens' television  Cool eh?


I think they are victims from Oddstock Burns Unit. :-/

Its surprises me how much we know about them, my favorite is NOO NOO  ;D DOH!
I know a few guys who look REMARKABLY like the GREEN teletubbie when they're at work. (whats he called??)

Skygod Back me up, YOUR one of EM ;D



Let me defend myself - He means the green Paramedic uniform we wear on duty, not that i'm fat and incoherent with a flat face.  Well he better not or he'll get a few slaps in work tomorrow  ;D ;)
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