Teletubbies gay!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Big_Floater, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Well who would of thought, after all these years and he comes out of the closet, so we are now getting the PC police kicking off about kids TV being over suggestive, even the Magic roundabout suggested to kids that drugs are good.

    The so called adult influence on kiddies TV

    So to the Arrse forum, what programs affected your upbringing which looking into it they were bit dodgy.

    Personally that evil walt Disney who now makes me have the urge to blow shit up and eat carrots damn u.....
  2. Have you been drinking, good sir?
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  3. Yep. And highly bored. Apart from that I am mad and have nothing better to do than post shit I have seen on t'internet ;)
  4. He will be telling us Camberwell is a penis.
  5. Captain Pugwash. How did they ever get that one shown on childrens television?
  6. Come on, you know the score! Where's the link?

    Teletubbie Gay Porn would be funny as fuck.
  7. I have to say Thomas the tank engine upset me the most. I've yet to find a talking train which isnt a shit automated recording or in fact a train with a cute grey face on the front. Actually this mass miss-representation i blame for my saddistic yet kinky sexual desires i now possess in later life.
  8. Why? Master Bates et all is an urban myth. Roger the cabin boy etc never existed.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

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  10. Were Bill and Ben sending a subliminal message to be drug smoking hippies?

    Was Mr Benn the greatest fantasist of all time?

    Was "The Wooden Topps" really a tale of everyday family lifein the Guards division?
  11. Were Andy Pandy and Teddy spit roasting Looby Lou in that basket??
  12. Next time someone takes your picture TID, try not to look like a scruffy fuck.
  13. The Banana Splits ruined my life. I though those 6 wheeled go anywhere cart thingys they drove would be the greatest vehicle in the whole world ever.

    Until I drove one - complete piece of crap.

    I will never forgive them, hairy wierdos that they were.

    Oh and for anyone not born when the dinosaurs walked the earth

    The Banana Splits show - YouTube
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  14. Noels Swapshop. I was at Catholic boys school and the priests had something similar but it didnt involve swapping toys the dirty fucking bastards
  15. Thunderbirds....


    I don't care how much heavy plant they can carry in TB2 - they are just gay.

    ...apart from Lady Penelope of course - who is probably the reason why I have had a thing for older women since I was 10 years old...


    ...and the gun just makes her perfect!



    Sent from my PC after half a bottle of port...