Telescopic sight for air rifle

Any recommendations for a 'scope for an Air Rifle at sensible money?

I've seen things like 4x40: Am I right in saying that this a 4 times magnification with an objective lens of 40mm diameter?
For info:

Telescopic sights are classified in terms of the optical magnification and the objective lens diameter, e.g. 10×50. This would denote 10 times magnification with a 50 mm objective lens. In general terms, larger objective lens diameters are better (collect more light and give a wider field of view). On fixed magnification sights the magnification power and objective diameter should be chosen on the basis of the intended use.
Lots of variables but remember that if you have a huuuugggge scope to fit it means higher mounts. Depending on the rifle that can sometimes get to the point where the scope is getting too high for comfort.

I had this problem with one of my full bore rifles and eventually had to go down to a 42mm objective. Not a great difference really but it was enough to enable use of much lower mounts so try (or measure carefully) before you buy

Unless doing dusk/dawn stuff do not really need huge optics if the quality of the glass is good. Really nice scope for air rifles and .22 is the Simmons Whitetail Classic 1.5-5x20. I have two which is just as well because they appear to have stopped making them

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