Telescope, Sig Regt/Scout Regt etc... Anyone deal in spares for these?

I'm getting one of these next Sunday (along with the associated heliograph and tripod) from a pal who is thinning out his collection.

However, the strap joining the two parts of the case to the telescope is missing, as is the "spare" eyepiece and leather case.

I don't know yet which eyepiece is on the scope (x15 or x30), but I'd like to make it up into a complete item.

I've been scouring eBay, but if there are any other collectors out there who can help, please pm me.


If its a scout regt telescope, it won't have a spare eyepiece. Spare eyepieces for the Sig telescope have to be sourced off eBay, junk shops or antique jumbles, etc - I don't think that there is any retail source apart from a specialist such as Millais Antiques (

Leather repairs such as straps and coverings are usually ok to be done by a saddler.

If its a scout regt telescope, IIRC spare parts are still available through the system....
Thanks for that 4(T), I've been told the engraving on the draw is "Tel.Sct.Regt Mk IIs" and the maker is Broadhurst Clarkson, so I guess that's the Scout Regt version then.

Which means I now have to "scout out" another scope for the heliograph!

We have a couple of saddle makers in the local area, so I'll see if one can oblige with a leather strap, as I'm "outside" the system now (unless you can get me a part number for the strap and I can see what my still-serving pals can find for me?)
I'll swap you a decent Tel Sig for your Tel Sct Regt if you like - the scout regt scopes are part of the CES for the 4(T) and L42 sniper rifles that I have.

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