Though I'd ask the question on here for the Old and Bold to peruse and perhaps give me an answer. I bought a phone for the house in the UK and it does not work here on the Continent. I suspect that the phone cable to the RJ? box on the wall needs switching. Any old time Tels out there with the answer?
When I lived in Spain, someone wired an in-line box where I think 2 of the wires were crossed over. Does that make sense? The phone I have bought is a modern one with one 'home' station and 2 other phones. I'm in Hunagary btw.
The best answer I can give you is buy a new phone locally the connection is just the start of the things that won`t work properly. If for instance the phone has a built in answer phone the signalling it gets from the exchange/ switch will not work either. Generally the connection on the continent is an RJ 11 one. Usually you can take the RJ 11 out of the phone at the back of the handset and replace it with a new european cable, keep the old one for when you return to the UK. PM me if you need any more phone help I`m a PC/ telecoms engineer by trade (ex Royal Signals 216).
exile1 said:
firthy.... many thanks, I will have a go in daylight and with less tokay in my system! If no joy I will pm you.
Tokay Essence mmmmm! :frustrated:

I knew my New Year was missing something special!!
Your landline phone, needs to have a TAE-F connector for the wall socket. This is assuming you are talking about Germany.

Have a look at this Wiki page...

To be honest, it's simpler just to (as already suggested) buy a phone when you get here.
Being Eastern Europe not sure what they have for telephone exchanges over there. It might be worth toggling it between tone/pulse it may be an old strouger type system thats still in use
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