Telephone for FREE

I don't know it this site has been mentioned before, but if you download the program from the following location, and then have a good fast connection (ADSL or Cable) then using a microphone on your PC you can phone other users who have also downloaded the file for FREE at any location in the World.

Goto for more information.

They have a version for Windows, Linux, Mac and Pocket PC so most if not all home users should be covered.
I already use that m8 - cool prog - would recommend that to anyone.

Also if you go for Skype Out, pay £10, it is cheap as chips phone calls to Land lines and cheap calls to mobils. Very useful if you are in BFG. My mobile company are going to think I have dropped off the face of the earth (and thank christ because I owe them a fortune!!)

I also have SkypeIn, pay 10euros for a 3 month subscription where you can get a UK based landline that all your UK friends/family can call - costs nothing to you and for them it is only the cost of a normal landline call. It works for me just great.

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