Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Jockster915, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Guys not sure if this in right topic but seeing as how it may affect my parting with cash I think it is.

    Anyway I am currently on TKS Telephone/DSL (1MB) in Germany and have been approached by a company called 'Alice' who I believe are part of Telefonica Italia.

    They claim they can offer a flat rate for calls in Germany and Europe and DSL between 3-5MB (due to location) for 45 euros a month. This includes all calls made in Germany and Germany - UK (I don't phone anywhere else) and no contract.

    Anyone else heard of or have this package as it seems too good to be true. For info currently paying average of 70 euros a month.

    I would be willing to consider other options if anyone can suggest but not T Com due to a previous issue with them i.e. they were pish.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator 5 years no problems, T com I took to court and won...
  3. A mate of mine had Alice and swore by it, however, when he moved pad's they fcuked him over royaly.

    I with TCom and have had no problems with far!
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Arcor - also helpful, no problems and good price. Germany - everything works, not like good 'ol UK. boring eh?
  5. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    haven't heard of any problems with alice - some of my friends got it

    some local provider are fine either - depends on where you are in germany
    i would recommend teleos - but only if you're in the bielefeld/osnabrück region ;)
  6. I have got 1und1 as my provider, they are not bad, a bit cheaper than T-Com, but you can;t just walk into the shop if you need. I am moving early next year so I will see how good they are at cutting me off.

    I am off to TKS next though when I move to Elmpt, the English service sounds good to me and as my German is not the best I think it's worth paying more for that plus they have a walk in shop in JHQ.

    I also use MIDAS for the calls to the UK, which works out less than €8 a month for all UK Calls (which are not that frequent, as we use MSN/SKYPE more often). Avoid Freenet though - drama merchants from all accounts.
  7. I am just signing up with Unitymedia ( to provide me with basic internet at 20 euro/month , this is the main cable tv provider for NRW.I don't need a land line because I spend about 75% of my time working in Switzerland.I also don't need a download speed of more than 2Mb/s. For non-mobile telephoning I am looking at a VoIP service like . Mobile phones are starting to come out with VoIP clients on them so I reckon in 2 years I will just be doing VoIP calls.
  8. Naa, Arcor fecked me over - not Alice. The final problem was when Arcor would not release the telephone number to Alice because I had allegedly signed a new 2 year contract with them - which I had not: I only filled in a change of address form.

    Never had problems with Arcor until I moved houses (4 streets away), but Alice's customer services are tonk.

    I am threaders with them all. They all lie (proven when I called them about line speeds and contractual questions) and are happy to take your money from you, but never give it back, even when they state they are wrong.

  9. I wouldn't touch TKS with a barge-pole, said they could provide a service but never turned up. Did it all through T-Com in the end with no probs at all! 8)
  10. I use Versatel and I is in Bielefeld! They have been brilliant; had the account for about 3 years now, even moved house with them. Well, not with them but with the contract...billox, ramble ramble ramble.
  11. I have been with t-com a few years now no probs whatsoever, got a 6mb connection and calls to uk are cheap, never had a bill over 60 euro's.
    Thats 'alice' sounds good, go for it. Anything got be better than a 1mb connection
  12. yet another reason why germany is pish....i'm with BT, 8Mb, £11.99 a month....
  13. Goon couldn't agree more just waiting on my contract to finish next month.

  14. Crappy internet service isn't a reason to hate Germany, but it can frustrate a lot. I have to admit, being in UK is cheaper for Internet, telephone, etc. Even though I haven't got the best connection speed in the world, Sky's free broadband offer is hard to knock.