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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by TintoPhil, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. I've filled a Logistics post thanks to AARSE so I'm now looking for potential installers.

    The motor insurance industry is changing as it has now discovered vehicle tracking. Some members of HM Forces have already taken out insurance with companies that install a 'black box' into their vehicles - I know of several at Dreghorn, Redford & Fort George 'cos I fitted 'em. The demand is growing at a phenomenal rate and we need to keep recruiting both experienced installers and people with the desire to learn.

    RS Fleet Installations are currently looking for Telematics Installers in Bradford/ Newcastle/ SE London/ SW London/ N London/ Peterborough.

    The job comes with a Fiesta Van, iPhone and uniform (sorry) and total support from the back office which is predominately staffed by some crackin' looking girls.

    Anybody interested can contact me either by PM or at to discuss in more detail such things as money, hours and duties.

    RS Fleet Installation - Under Construction (Under Destruction)
    Car Insurance from insurethebox | Drive Safe & Save | insurethebox

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  2. TintoPhil, check your PMs mate!
  3. Thanks for all the PM's and e-mails. I will write a comprehensive and honest job description (not like the bull you get in the Job Centre) including the downsides (few) and include pictures. I will send this out over the weekend.

    Thanks Again.
  4. Are you going to post the details on here or are you going to PM them to everyone?
  5. Hi Rob,

    PM sent mate. Apologies for the delay.
  6. TintoPhil - Passed on your details to a few lads here, will forward it to a couple more if it's still going.
  7. Thanks CC, several mails and telephone calls today.

    This is an ongoing request for both ex-service and impending de-mobs to get in touch.

    I now have two ex-forces out on 'civilian manouvers' with us and they are working out great.
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  8. Should have a couple more en route soon if I can hunt the dirty buggers down. Cheers!!!