Is this still taken seriously?
cant post for 40 minutes so il edit this @olafthered, couldnt find how to choose a new thread, i had a long version of how i first knew it was possible to communicate with only your mind and how i can send and recieve visions of a person etc but it got took down, i posted it in intel section general chat but it got listed in naafi, had 6 or so replies and a bloke dont tell the pike asked whos sock am i, im not
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Why the Africa forum?

Any more than a 1 liner?

And only in SciFi
It does not work, you only have to look at the trolls and twats on this site who are still breathing to know that.
The men who stare at goats?
If you can communicate with your mind, why did you feel the need to put a readable post on here?
That's telepathy, telekenisis is moving stuff. See the tower series of books by Anne McAfery (sp) for more...
Well, I was convinced I was psychic when I was in.
Everytime I was sent to the stickman's office I knew exactly what was coming!

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