Telegraph: US to keep Blair out of Middle East

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. The Americans are absolutely right

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  2. American position is at least logical

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  3. Both sides have a point

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  4. I hate to say it but I support Blair

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  5. Wholeheartedly support our dear (alas former) Leader

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    I'm pretty well aware about attitude toward mr.Blair from the ARRSErs. Many could read it as 'don't run too far from me poodle'.

    However, on what side are you sympathies? And why?
  2. Blair's in a tricky position, he has no statutory authority with any of the powers he's supposed to represent. If he gets too far away from any one of their positions they'll just turn round and say "Sorry mate, you're on you own", or in the case of the Russians something a bit more direct.

    It'll be a challenge for him. Can he lick 4 arrses at once?

  3. Earl Grey with polonium 210?
  4. That is the one thing he's good at after all :roll:
  5. Yes, right, agreed. Though our American friends could do it not so tactlessly. Why has this remark been made publicly? What are possible explanations?

    1. Mr.Blair is indeed too active and he was hinted about it privately previously. So now a public statement is needed.

    2. Our American friends try to present mr.Blair as an 'independent broker' while really he acts according to American instuctions.

    3. ??? Would you like to add your version?
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    While the septics may want him in a "be my bitch" role - I cannot see that working with TB for long before he throws his toys from the pram. TB is a christian idealist and a seasoned diplomat, his problem is his baggage - and that is a big problem.
  7. Why doesn't Blair just do the lecture circuit, more money - less hassle.
    The Yankees are up to thier old tricks pulling the strings of the puppet that is Tony Blair, how can they say that they will be in charge of negotiations?! They've done a great job so far haven't they...supporting Israel in the way of weapons and moral support, yet all they do for the Palestinians is impose more sanctions making them poorer and poorer, more angry and then they just bomb Israel again and again. Therefore Israel retaliates with their Yankee weapons! Thats great peace brokering...
  8. Why can't this discredited and dishonest 'chancer' just clear off and wither away?

    Did a character from 'Alice In Wonderland' invent this 'appointment' for Bliar? Bliar - Middle East - Peace, the words that spring to my mind are: [align=center]fan, flames, hatred, petrol, pour[/align].

    PS After he's arranged for peace in Palestine, perhaps he can find a solution to the appalling shambles in Iraq!
  9. Because he is convinced of his own greatness and has set out on a crusade to heal the world. What do we have to do to convince this man that he's a cnut?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Americans really need to get on board with the British on this one. TB needs to be in the ME, and the ME needs him. He has been heavily involved in the ME since 1987, and there is a lot of work still to be done, by him, or by the ME to him.
  11. Preferably, that work will be buried in a culvert with a handy firing point nearby.

    I remember massive public efforts to keep him out of the ME 4 years ago; if they'd tried then it might have been of some use. But in typical septic style they're coming to the party years after the start and pretending it was their idea all along.
  12. You really have to wonder what the fcuking point of appointing him is, if what Condi says is gen.

    There might be a bit of a turf war here. TCB is probably the only person who has a close, personal connection with the shaved chimp that rivals hers and the State Dept probably doesn't like the idea of diplomacy being taken out of their hands after the absolutely 1st class, bang-up job they've done since- ohh- the days of Harry Truman?
  13. I see your point. And likely you are absolutely right. Ms.Rice is jealous of Mr.Blair. The Poodle is busy on the Field that little Monkey regards as her own. It is a very good explanation.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Not to mention Rice will unemployed/able when the chimp gets the boot..
  15. Good one Rice gets the boot then someother over paid twit gets the job. The Telegraph has an artical called No room in the inn for TB he will spend his time grabbing the loot from George B and having a good time, until he gets the EU Presidents job now he has sold UK down to the EU to his mates in Germany and France, TB promised the Army the gear they neaded for their front line duties, they have not got it, that why he is hot air and a LIAR, waiting for a better job as he did not get the bank job eg. EU number 1. Time will see.