Telegraph TA Article today friday 9 dec

Good on the RRV.

Even-handed article. Worth a peek.


BB, do the Borg thing and scan it.

we are all waiting with baited breath here !


Good honest opinion of what goes on. There are cr*p times and there are good times. A positive piece which will hopefully kick all the negative press into touch - for the time being!!!
Is it me or does there seem a lot more positive press about the army /military around at the moment?Nice to think it's warranted , but slightly nervous about what's next.
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You could be right. However, I just think we are so used to seeing negative press, that when a positive piece comes up we are initially surprised and then concerned as to what is about to be released.

Or, maybe the 'top corridor' have pulled the Journos in line and getting them to sell the right story?!


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Nice to see some positive coverage of the TA experience for a change.....but how many potential ORs read the Torygraph ?

That said, it may help address the desperate shortfall of TA ruperts somewhat 8)

Lee Shaver (munching his Sag Rapes ruminatively...)

Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:

for those of us still at work or overseas any chance of a scan or summary?
I know you are ex -AP but shurley you can read....

No chance of a scan at work.
Pips said:
Or, maybe the 'top corridor' have pulled the Journos in line and getting them to sell the right story?!
I think Pips is right. As I recall BBC breakfast news did a couple of reports on Roebuck company's mobilisation and pre-deployment training, that can't be a coincidence.
Boys, boys..curb your enthusiasm. just because the article didn't describe Roebuck company as potenital rapists or institutionalized racists this hardly constitutes "positive" coverage. OK, it is a nice puff piece for the roebuck boys scrapbooks and typical of the Torygraph; which to be fair has always been fairly on-side towards the forces in general and the TA in particular. However it smacks of a press release from DPR(A), "sensitively" and "sympathetically" re-written by tame hacks to ensure warm glow factor - at a time when everyone and their wife are looking at TA retention and morale and crying from the tallest tower in the land "WTF?" Even the Torygraph itself carrried the 800 reservists mobilized story on Monday with concerned comment.

One swallow does not make a spring and I for one wil be snugged up in my four season gonk-bag metaphorically for a while yet...
Well put Cuddles. Being in the company that replaced Roebuck I can say that the warm-glow feeling the article presents is certainly not widespread among their successors. Op **** has been in effect since we landed (example, sleeves rolled to elbows instead of above, rifting), R&R hasn't kicked in yet and were struggling for sleep, when it does each platoon will be 1 team down for 4 months. When I was moblilized I thought I would be soldiering for six months, patrolling, interacting with the locals, actually doing something that mattered. Instead were used as underpaid, overworked security guards. If people wonder why so many people in the TA leave after being mobilized its because they have a **** tour doing the jobs the regulars wouldn't touch with a shitty stick. Rant over.

Edit: This is not Spigot, whoever he is didn't log off when he left this comp. Apologies to him for posting on his account.

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