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Nice to see Bill Deedes is still dishing out unpleasant but poignant articles for the masses to deal with.

Someone has to be prepared to counter the spoon feeding of soporific, celebrity focused palliatives that suckle our society in preference to the truth.
Im sure our forces partners do worry, but they still have lives to get on with and in lots of cases homes and young families to look after, helps to keep your mind active
By Gum, I wish I could write like that. Shows why he's been a writer since God was a boy.
telegraph 20/07/07 artical by Tim Butcher No room in the inn for T.B.Liar. It seems tha TB wants to get his gang into one of the best buildings, but the U.N. got in first so his has been told to beat it. It's a good read Not a happy puppy is TB. The Americans have told him not to get involved in the Mid East so he is right now having a cry to Ruth Kelly i guess one of the no charges gang for Lords seats. So i suppose he is getting plenty of loot from George B waiting to play the TB game, grab the money and wait for the Post of President of the EU now he sold his country out to the EU. Great place EU seems that 2 out of every 3 people in Luxemburg are :x :x :x :x employed by the EU one way or another. Dont forget who puts the most loot into the EU till each year, so no wonder MOD cannot afford first aid kits. TB remember said he would ensure that the army would get the gear it required thats why he is T.B.Liar. Dont forget Gordon the Broon was it charge of the till so he is in the frame as well. :x
W.F.Deedes is a stunning writer and a staunch supporter of the forces - once again he has raised some difficult issues and once again the Telegraph has shown itself to be one of the only papers who tells it how it is. Well done once again...

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