Telegraph story - disabled SAS man refuses to meet Queen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. Sorry no link as it contains my user ID!

    Suppose he is lucky he wasn't kept in and manning controlled! :twisted: Until the MoD and government treat those that risk their necks (and often lose their lives or leave parts of their body behind) with the respect (and aftercare) they deserve, a firm two fingers should be given to any such PR stunts that convey the old impression of the "loyal soldiery" showing support for the crown and government!

  2. 'Help to rebuild your life sir? Certainly. Just provide proof that you are an Iraqi, Albanian or Kurd, desperate to resume your life of crime whilst contributing nothing, and we'll be on to it right away. House? Car? Money? - No problem at all sir.'

    'Wounded serving your country? Sorry mate; rules is rules - you can't expect to be helped just because you were keeping us all safe.'

    Clearly Bliar and TCH know that they aren't likely to get any votes from the military, so they'll happily concentrate on where they can get votes.

    Is anyone surprised that Bliar lied yet again, and failed to keep his word. And TCH, the usual lickspittle, Uriah Heep-ish behaviour.

    It seems that nothing has changed since WW1 - Britain is still 'A land fit for heroes'.

  3. Lets hope that those who are meant to protect Blair and his slack jawed faggots remember this, ie if they should get injured while protecting this band of f*cking useless c*cksucking commie pinko c*nts they'll get f*ck all from the motherf*cker. (unless they become sponging parasitic illegal immigrants) so the moral is...... let blair and his lickspittles DIE.
  4. Problem is those who protect blair have some morals, unlike the man himself.
  5. Why are you all getting so aerated about this? He has received his compensation in line with the regulations. Has he proved a case of negligence -and if he did, who was negligent? His OC for ordering him to that firefight? His mates for not pulling him out fast enough?

    Judging from the tone of complaints he has, is he accusing the medical authorities of negligence in his treatment? IN which case, he needs to be suing the NHS.

    He has his war pension. And he is alive. Through a lot of people battling very hard to save his life.

    I am sorry for his injury, I admire his courage and those of his mates, but I fail to see who was negligent.
  6. I was talking to an old soldier last week, he was invited into the mess for a dinner and I said last time I saw him he had a few more medals, lots more infact. He replied that he doesnt ware them anymore in protest at his treatment.

    He is 60 plus, 70 I think, and his wife has just died. When he went to the DSS to sort out all the paperwork he was told that he wasnt entitled to jack all and his pention was being cut. (In Cyprus during the war he was wounded and decorated for Galentry and Bravery for rescueing his Sgt who was machine gunned in the belly, whilst being shot in the leg himself. He picked up his mate, carried him to safety, then ran back out into the killing area to grab the Bren and ammo, then returned to cover to return fire at the enemy, he then fought off the attack giving time for the rest of his unit to reorg, and counter attack. He was presented his gallentry award by HRH Prince Phillip at Buck Palace.)

    He, not supprisingly, went nuts, at the end of the day he is and always will be a Para at heart, and was escorted out of the DSS by Police, and then served a restriction order stating that he could not return to any DSS building!!!!

    He now has to have someone come to his house from the DSS and fill out all paperwork for him and post it on his behalf.

    As he said in the DSS office, and what caused him to be ejected, if he was an ethnic they would be falling over themselfs to help him, but as all he is is an old war horse/hero they dont give a shit!!!

    Well a word was had with RSM and a colection taken, and passed onto him in a way as to respect his indipendance and not make him feel that it is charity, BUT This is a disgusting state of afferes that should not happen!!! The SAS chap, and the one killed on active duty in Siera Lone Brad Tiernan I think, the family was screwed!!!!! I can only hope that one day the scum who call themselfs polaticians are put in the same position and shown just how low and despicable they are, and how much the ENTIRE country hates them!!!!

    Personally I would not piss on one if they were on fire!!!!

    We owe these people (the wounded and families of the fallen) a debt of honour and should behave as the Spartans did, when a hero was returned on his shield with all his wounds on his front (showing he died as a hero and not a coward) they gave a living, land and property to his wife and family thus ensuring Sparta's reign as the leading martial power in Ancient Greece.

    In the greater sceme of things giving someone a lifetime pention for helping to protect this country is nothing! We give away more to countries we have NO share in at all!!! Look at the fund for the Sudan/Dofore regon. £25 million set aside. Why not £10 mill and the other £15 mill given to the people HERE that need and DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or am I just being naieve???

    God, may they rot in hell! :x
  7. The Hereford mate killed on Op Barras was Brad Tinnion. It took legal action to force the MoD to give his partner and kid their rightful due. Fcukin' disgraceful. :twisted:
  8. Expect nothing more from these t0ssers
  9. Indeed Charity begins at home
  10. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Whereas, if he is the chap of whom I am thinking, if you could have written, "his wife and kid" there would have been no problem. The MoD was not witholding money for the sake of it, it just did not have the facility to recognise unmarried couples. Since they had no legal rights as a couple in law, the MoD was in no way obliged to provide for them. That it did was generous in the extreme and should be seen as such, not carped about.

    If a soldier does not feel committed enough to spend 20 mins in a registry office with the mother of his child or rich enough to part with the 40 odd quid that it costs then one could feel justified in questioning very closely just why the MoD should be dishing out Widow's Pensions to people who are not, technically, Widows.

    Sorry to sound so harsh, but this business of people living together and thinking that it means the same in law as being married has been at the root of many a G1 drama that has caused me a headache.
  11. any couple living together is actually recognised as "Common Law wife and Husband" also times have changed people do not see the need to get married, i fail to see the benefit nowadays as there is little advantage also if the relationship is good enough why change it and expect it to be a fairytale life after marrage which is what sometimes cause problems when nothing really changes apart from a "peice of paper"

    many Civvie companies recognise this and offer perks and benefits accordingly provided that they are named like train and bus companies and pensions.
  12. Hate to be pedantic, but no they aren't, it's an urban myth.

    Since the Marriage Act of 1763, cohabitees have next to zilch rights under the law. I only know this as an ex tried to stiff me many many moons ago under the "common law" wife thing. My lawyer, once he had finished laughing, explained it all to me and basically, you only have rights over what you have paid for whilst "cohabiting" and are NOT entitled to bugger all else. e.g. if the house is in the blokes name and the bird paid for the conservatory, then she owns the conservatory and not half of the house.

    Not a great deal of help to anyone that is shacked up but not married, but that's the law (well, it is in England and Wales anyway) and thats how the scum at the MOD get away with it.
  13. Aunte Stella
    since you seem to know law at first hand, i stand corrected.
    however my views re: marrage and cohabiting still remains.
    i fail to see any benefit in marrying and yes it stinks that it suits the MOD not to move with the times.
  14. Thanks Aunty,
    I thought the common law bit was a myth.
  15. The law be fcuked. The bottom line is that a soldier died rescuing hostages from rebel militia in Sierra Leone and the MoD was initially content to see his partner and child deprived of benefits. It's about time Whitehall caught up with the times and met its moral responsibilities without being forced to do so.