Telegraph Seeks to Insult TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pantha_Alpha, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. While trying to find a bit of info about the Army Cuts announcement yesterday I came across a lovely little article in the Telegraph...

    "For those who have a passion for dressing up in military uniforms and messing around with guns, joining the Territorial Army has traditionally been the best way of playing at soldiers without having to make any of the commitment and sacrifice demanded by the regular Army.

    Come Friday afternoon, rather than spending a mundane weekend doing the family shopping or providing a free taxi service for the children, the irregulars of the TA pack their bags and head for an all-expenses-paid jolly, running around the woods in combat fatigues firing guns. Their hard day’s war-gaming done, they then get to hang out with people with similar interests, make friends and even develop long-term relationships (a significant proportion of Britain’s 14,000 active weekend soldiers are female).

    As one reservist recently blogged about the TA: “It has got to be the best thing I have done in my life. You get to do so many things that you can’t do in civilian life – and you get paid for it!”

    Apart from the occasional weekend at training camps, there is also the annual two-week training camp abroad in places such as Cyprus, Gibraltar, Albania, Corsica and the US – all on the MoD’s account.

    When it comes to getting this merry band of weekend soldiers to do some fighting, it is another story. Defenders of the TA say that more than half of reservists have been deployed in Britain’s decade-long involvement in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the proportion of those who actually make a telling contribution is relatively modest. “I reckon that only one in 10 members of the TA are actually worth bothering with,” a senior officer in the regular Army told me recently. “The rest are just in it for a bit of fun at the weekend, and are horrified when you suggest you want them to go somewhere dangerous, like southern Afghanistan.”

    Full article at: It’s war for the weekend warriors after Philip Hammond's Army cuts - Telegraph

    As a female, married to another member of the TA who has been in 8 years (during which time I have only had one camp abroad to sunny Germany) and who returned from southern Afghanistan only last year, I find this article rather offensive...
  2. Well, apparently, we're not the TA anymore...
  3. You're a female? No wonder you are so easily offended.
  4. If its for lacking observation skills it's evidently justified.
  5. Cabana - If you are a member of the TA and this does not offend you then you are clearly one of those inneffective TA soldiers who are not worth bothering with that the article refers to.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    This article has managed to offend me four times in different places so far today, perhaps, as far as Arrse appearances are concerned, some threads could be combined/the search engine employed before we flood the engine of the outrage bus?
  7. It might just be refering to the fact you couldn't be arsed to check it the subject was already posted and being discussed before you posted the same thing?

  8. Maybe I have better things to do with my life than trawl ARRSE for similar threads.

    But apprarently you cant be arsed to check which comment I was replying to before you posted your thread.
  9. That article offends me, considering that TA have died after "packing their bags and heading off for an all-expenses-paid jolly" in Afghanistan.
  10. I,m outraged....Hang on no i'm not...After all its the Torygraph therefore written by inbreeds who by most accounts have mated with sisters and cousins... =)

    Not as if us TA types are all greek gods of war is it ?
  11. No, I am not a stab, I was a regular (real Army to you). If you are offended by some fuckwit typing a load of shit, I suggest you think again about being a stab (or a regular for that matter), because there will be a lot of people who like to try to offend you for being a soldier, regular or otherwise. Take your period outrage elsewhere.
  12. In my day we thought ourselves lucky to get Sennybridge and Otterburn :)

    p.s. Now, now! Play nicely with each other ;-P

    Edited to say, Um, yes, I'd probably have been a bit hacked off at the time (aged 18 ) to be sent off to Mesopotamia to be used for target practice by a bunch of ragheads.
    I do remember thinking at the time that, had that happened, we'd need a bit of solid concentrated training - well, I would have anyway.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Not sure how stating that you are female and a relatively recent returnee from HERRICK gives you anymore right to be more outraged than the next bloke. Whilst the beginning of the article is, at worst, just a bit silly you miss the main thrust of the article. Perhaps you could put away your indignant rage at having the piss taken and discuss what he's REALLY talking about; a fundamental restructuring of the TA, how the **** we're going to recruit 50% more Reservists and how, culturally and legislatively, we can change the way the UK uses its Reserve Forces?

    Nah, **** it, stick to bleating about how you've been misrepresented, it's a whole lot easier.

    'Offensive' my arse.
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  14. I wasn't aware that The Daily Telegraph was especially widely read in Bradford - the Telegraph & Argus on the other hand...
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