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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Revealed: 'City soldiers' on £100,000 - Telegraph

    Shock, horror! You get what you pay for à la 2020 flexibility.

    I must admit I'm a City soldier so I'm a tad biased. I find it amusing Kirkup's been reading the Just TA forum though to justify some print.

    Usual debate: why not keep on x regs full-time vs over-pay City 'reservists' (who have existing civvy commitments during mobilization) etc.
  2. They don't have to have been reading ARRSE.

    Maybe they hacked their phones.

    What are they worried about. TA regs, or that people earn so much in private business?

    How much is this journo on? Envious?
  3. A good question. What's the answer? I had a 'city-soldier' under command on TELIC1. He was a nice enough chap but was on a small fortune, a bit fat and far more suited to working in a city office than soldiering. I remember asking him what he was doing digging in with us. He said 'its quite nice to have no responsibility and just be told to dig and when to stop digging'. Fair enough I thought but didn't seem great value for the £89k he was on.

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  4. I have always found the reservists pay awards utterly ludicrous (top surgeons excepted). If you are not prepared to work for the wages on offer, then you shouldn't be in the TA. Never mind intelligent mobilisation, what about some intelligent recruitment. Recruits should have it made clear to them that they will be paid the same as they're regular counterparts no matter what they earn in civvy street.......don't like it...don't join. I knew guys on Telic being paid over 60 grand + salary for driving an ambulance. Total bollocks.
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  5. Turning things around: we can't recruit for our current reservist requirement and you advocate turning those who will deploy away?

    The real issue is pay low for the long-term rather than high for the short-term.
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  6. I've been in this argument many times on this site. The cost of mobilised reservists should be capped at X2 of equivalent Reg salary, especially as most TA bods will never have to think about deployment on anything other than a voluntary basis.

    Someone will be along shortly to say that we will end up with a 'dole patrol' TA etc. and that we need to pay way over the odds for Tpr's in the HAC so they continue to attract the 'right sort' - it's bollocks.

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  7. I don't advocate turning anyone away, but you should be willing to accept the pay on offer. It doesn't need a city banker to dig in or drive a truck. Some of the best soldiers probably serving now may have been doley's originally. Just because you are unemployed doesn't mean you are unemployable.
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  8. msr

    msr LE

    In time of war,we would be paid the same. It's peacetime mobilisations which attract the Reservist Allowance.
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  9. msr has the right of it. Unless the Government chooses to invoke whatever a Queen's Order in Council is called nowadays - and effectively mobilise - this sort of elastoplast scheme has to be used. I plead an interest here, as an ex-Regular with a full career behind me, I've been on the other side of the fence and had to backfill for a £75K p.a. consultant who went off to fulfill his international duty with the limited contingent of British Forces, um, sorry, on Herrick and it cost us a ****ing fortune, plus he still needed to pay mortgage etc while away.
  10. If you don't like mobilising expensive people, mobilse cheaper ones. It's not difficult. I can put myself forward for mob, you can decide to say "no thanks" if it feels a bit expensive.

    That said, I was quite happy spending a few months in Helmand trousering rather a lot more than my boss: but it wasn't a big deal as far as either of was concerned.
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  11. As I understand the US Reserves and National Guard get paid their military salary and associated allowances and that is it. Nothing else is on offer. I, too, find the whole Reservist's Award ludicrous - with the obvious exception of clinical specialists, it needs to be capped at a maximum of 3 x your military salary. If you have such a big-hitting job that you cannot afford to mobilise on this sort of money then the TA is probably not the place for you.
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  12. Compared with the subsidised Gucci Z Type accommodation, healthcare, Holiday pay, Sick Pay and Final salary pension of the average regular soldier when he's not deployed - £100,000 for a 12 month deployment before kicking the individual out the door as soon as they can get his Rifle, Pistol and CBA off him is a positive bargain.

    That said I see the Telegraph is about 12 years too late to shimf about it, as by the time the MOD change the rules we'll have pulled out of Afghanistan anyway.
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  13. I don't know about the Telegraph: smacks more of MOD trying to fill the outrage bus again (CS bonus saga?) and using lazy journos, who it knows will print what they're told in a bar without question, to do its work for them.
  14. You are absolutely right that Reserves should be awarded the ancillary benefits and perks a Reg attracts - so it would probably be a cap of around X2 Reg salary. If you or your company can't 'afford' to have you deploy - don't ****ing go.

    Pretty hilarious that this board fires up the outrage bus every time a single mother spits out another kid without being fiscally responsible, but is perfectly happy for reservists to get paid several times that of a Reg whilst in all likelihood being no better at the job, and then just claim that that is what they cost so deal with it.

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  15. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps if the regular army recruited itself properly and only took on tasks it could manage with the manpower that it has, then none of this would have arisen.
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