Telegraph: Petrol prices break 140p/l barrier. 150p/l coming soon.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IndependentBoffin, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Petrol breaks through 140p barrier to reach record high - Telegraph

    I've decided to get a diesel car. The only question is when. My current petrol car does an awful 28-31 mpg but it is worth about £300. It is a Japanese car with 40k miles on it so has a lot of life left in it.

    An efficient diesel car (was looking at Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi) could do about 63 mpg (combined) and currently sells for about £2-3k, with mileages of about 80-100k miles.

    Assuming an annual mileage of 20k miles, prices of diesel and petrol of 146.72p/l and 140.2p/l respectively, a 63mpg diesel car would cost £2124 to refuel but a 29mpg petrol car would cost £4452 to refuel.

    The only things holding me back are:
    1) I think the economy is going to get even worse. The price of used cars may drop further.
    2) I know my £300 Japanese car is low maintenance. I have a mechanic friend who advised me not to touch European cars (except German ones) with a bargepole. Anyone know what Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi cars are like to run if bought at 80-100k miles?
    3) Is it worth spending £2-3k extra to get a BMW 320 Cd car with 80-100k miles? These models are energy efficient too but I am told BMWs are expensive to maintain and parts are expensive.

    All this is from talking informally with friends though. I haven't yet seen an authoritative head-to-head comparison of the true cost of running a second hand BMW 320 Cd vs. a Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi.

    By the way what are the legal, tax and insurance implications of me putting a wood/producer gas generator on my car, and feeding hydrogen/carbon monoxide into the air intakes of the engine to try to improve fuel efficiency? :)
    Low-tech Magazine: Wood gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank

  2. Current affairs? Perhaps a mod could move it. Do not touch Vauxhall they really are tripe.
  3. I'd say its pretty Current as the price at the pumps keeps on rising putting the price of everything up (if its not happened now it will soon), forcing companies, especially hauliers, to the wall. Less motorists means less tax from several streams. I fear that it'll be a frosty day in hell before the Government realise that the price needs to come down or the country's going to grind to a halt.

    Of course they could always put it up 3p in August because that'll help everyone.
  4. Sorry & thanks for the advice. Which forum do you think would be most appropriate for discussions on fuel prices?
  5. I have been running a Toyota Aygo since September and it easily beats the 63mpg you quote for a Corsa, also it is petrol and therefore approx 6 to 10 pence a litre cheaper to run,.
  6. Bugger.
    Now I know why my latest purchase was such a 'deal'.
    At least I have LPG fitted - which might help :(
  7. I thought you were asking advice about cars?
  8. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Have you thought of one of the hybrids? I'm driving one (three weeks in and still enjoying it). Mostly Japanese, very reliable. Mine is making me a relative stranger at the pumps, averaging 48 mpg in a 1.8 petrol engine.*

    As to the price of petrol, between the world oil price, the Government trying to make us stop driving (without giving us decent public transport), the petrol companies wanting even bigger subsidies to go after the 'harder to get' oil, and the Treasury needing more for MPs new expenses, subisidising failed banks, and mega-expensive PFI initiatives, the only way is up! Just don't expect much of it to be spent on roads.

    (And no real loss of performance, although I deny that it was me driving at that speed, officer. It does also have plenty of acceleration for A-road overtaking).
  9. What about an old diesel car that you can run on old chip fat?
  10. The hybrids tend to be very expensive to buy.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Re: Using gas as a road fuel the Gas (Road Fuel) Regulations 1972 would almost certainly come into play.

    You would need to be authorised by HMRC (s4(1) Any person who intends to send out, set aside, or supply gas shall notify the Commissioners in such form and manner as they may require not less than 7 days before such gas is first sent out, set aside, or supplied)

    You would also need to account for (and pay) the excise duty charged on the gas that you use as a road fuel. The current rate of duty would be £0.3304 per Kg.
  12. And make you look like a fugging puff
  13. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

  14. If they were cheap and fast I wouldn't care what I looked like.
  15. Ok, that Lexus does look ok.

    The Prius thing is a shit heap, AND every twat I see driving them in the centre of London cuts about with a daft half smug half 'I swallow swords' look on thier face. Not a fan.
    Although I wish Range Rovers were as efficient.