Telegraph: Only in a democracy can you cry police state

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Yes, it is.

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  2. Very close to it.

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  3. There are some elements of it.

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  4. Rather no.

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  5. No, of course.

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  1. The cry of 'Police State' is easily made but very few people who cry it in the UK are really thinking about what it means.

    We are a very long way from being a police state. The anti-terror laws that are often refered to are less severe than those experienced in Ulster during the height of the troubles.

    If you really want to know what being in a police state is like take a trip to any number of African countries that don't feature in holiday brochures or perhaps even Russia.
  2. The people who cry police state, don't know what a police state is. If they want to know what a police state is, they need to try living these countries where sharia law rules e.g. Saudi Arabia with it's Religious Police. They would not be arrested and released for lack of evidence, but instead they would disappear, as in some South American countries. They would be arrested and held under possible house arrest for critisising the Government as in Myanmar.

    Why listen to these whining morons who don't realize how good they really have it?
  3. Also,might be worth reading up on some of the finer points of the Emergency Powers Act 1939, and subesquent wartime measures, the powers that the Ministry of Food had,would probably send a shiver down most peoples spine.

    Needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle.
  4. There are different opinions.,12780,1400584,00.html,,1760429,00.html

    Btw, am I allowed to wear a satirical T-shirt in the UK?
  5. Church opposition to government measures that could be construed as repressive is nothing new, IRRC, in the book 'Enemy Within, The: Hucksters, Racketeers, Deserters, and Civilians During the Second World War' there are several references to the opposition to wartime emergency measures, (percieved by said individuals as 'repressive') by some fairly senior members of the clergy.

    A link to the book can be found here
  6. Not too sure.

    Whilst you're here, could I set up a free and independant media organisation in Moscow and report on Russian government corruption without being censored by Putin?

    A Russian questioning if the UK is a Police Stae, oh lord.

    Pot calling kettle, pot calling kettle, message over.
  7. Of course you could. It is a question of money.

    You can freely buy The Moscow Times (also in Russian).

    Btw, 25th channel in Moscow re-translates EuroNews (in Russian) 24 hours a day. It is aslo brodcasting 5 hour a day on federal Channel-5. I heard that Voice of America radio plans to terminate its Russian division. The reason is a simple one. There is a lot of news-sources inside Russia. So too few listen VofA now.

    Even state-run TV-channels (very biased of course) report about all main news without big gaps.

    Every day I listen liberal radio Echo of Moscow in my car on the way to my office. Frequently critics of mr.Putin are being invited. For example chess champion Garry Kasparov.

    You can free buy Moscow news (also in Russian).

    So of course, I haven't any illusions. Russia is under a rule of criminal Putin's gang but as for information then it is not a big problem to get it.

    It's not me. I quote opinions of others. Personally I believe that under strong leadership of the UK is an example of true democracy.
  8. Censored or alternately bumped off - the fate of more than a few Russian Journos
  9. Sven, what do you know about real Russian situation with journalism, with talented journalists? As Russia became a capitalist country their pens, their tongues have been baught by the big business. Let's look at a well-known liberal journalist Leonid Radzikhovsky.


    PhDr., former MP, a speech-writer to late general Lebed (who was a candidate for presidency in 1996 and was on the 3d place after Yeltsin and communist Zyuganov). I repeat he is a true liberal, supporter of the West and Israel.

    Is he censored in any way. He is free to write whatever he thinks (and even more). Recently it was discovered that mr.Radzikhovsky is a real author of a series of articles signed by another name. The articles were used in a dirty political war waged by paid polittechnoligists.

    Mr.Radzikhovsky explained it as all journalists are the same, all do dirty work for money.

    It is a replay by mr.Radzikhovsky to another journalist.
  10. KGB

    What on earth has Your post to do with murdered Journos in Russia. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists

    Politkovskaya Killed by Agents of the State?
  11. As the only one amongst us here who'd lived in a Police State....what do you think Sergei?

    What similarities does the UK have to Russia (particularly it's predecessor)?
  12. Sven. Mrs.Politkovskya was writing her articles for years. She discribed real and imaginary wrongdoing of authorities. Really she was very usefull for them. On any question about so called censorship in Russian its rulers could point out to mrs.Politkovskaya saying: she is free to write anything she wishes.

    Who namely ordered to kill the journalist is unknown. And I strongly doubt that it was mr.Putin.,,-6387055,00.html

    Let's look at the situation in the UK

    Maybe situation in Russia is worse than in USA and the UK, it is possible but only in such a country as Iceland I fancy it is ideal.
  13. What can I say?

    Sometimes ID-cards, internal passports are being regarded as attributes of a police state. I can say you that internal passports are very usefull. They rarely bound freedoms of law-abiding citizens but are very effective against criminals, illegal immigrants and so on. You should show your passport in airports, in hotels, in some other places. It rather boosts security and your own safety.

    What similarities does the UK have to Russia? Better to speak about differences. It is very hard for me to imafine that the police in Moscow would kill absolutely innocent man without any cause. Though if it would happen then alas (as in the UK) likely no one would be punished.
  14. KGB, did you still have to register with the authorities and receive a stamp in your internal passport if you were visiting another town for more than a few days, or had that gone by your time?