Telegraph insulted Jim Davidson.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wee_face, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Front page of the Telegraph today, a picture of Robin Williams(American funnyman) entertaining Septic troops in the Gulf, with a caption underneath reading "Septics get Robin Williams whilst British Troops have to "put up with Jim Davidson!""
    Jim Davidson has done so much for British Forces, especially the Army in the last ten years that I think that the maniac from Washington who wrote the article should be made to eat his words. Maybe Jim is not everybody's cup of fish, but he has made an effort, unlike some fat reporters who are happy to sit on their arse and criticise others.

    I mean really, someone should write a letter to the Telegraph( not me, my hand hurts from thumping the desk!) encouraging Jim to do more, as well as suggesting to the reporter that if he is so concerned with troop welfare in Iraq, he could organise a visit from someone that he does approve of, or maybe he could go there himself, as Santa.

    Feed a Scotsman....
  2. Stupid Torygraph.

    I like Jim Davidson - OK, some of his jokes make my hackles rise, but then, that's what they're supposed to do.............and I admire his work ethic. You're right, he does make the effort and you can't ask more than that (apart from new material perhaps........)
  3. In fairness to the man, he does spend a lot of time entertaining the troops of all persuations, even the RAF! Harsh words that this particular reporter may be made to regret I suppose.
  4. Wee Face......
    My whole bloody office is in an uproar over this link....
    Am having the p*ss taken out of me by every b*gger in the building...
    As an Easterhoose Heiry, I salute you.... :oops:
    BBC :wink:

    As for Jim Bl**dy Davidson, sexist, t*t....he's hysterical! But have been told to stop writing letters and causing trouble or will be sent to Ministry for Transport........THE HORROR! 8O
  5. One of the few men who could make me laugh while stuck for a 13 hour flight in a Hercules!! and that was in the early eighties,
    :D and luckily one of the few non pc comedians about.
  6. yes he can be annoying but I agree he does alot of good work for the forces. Would i like robin williams to come and entertain no. Thought the First CSE show in shaiba was good.
    Would love to see them send Michael Moore to entertain the Americans in Baghdad :lol:
  7. The first, and by far the best, comedian I saw t a CSE show was Jim Davidson, in the Falklands. While most of them were too scared to some Jim did.

    Jim Davidson has spent more time doing CSE shows over the past twenty five years than any other famous face in the UK, that's a fact, and he does it for free.
  8. Jim Davidson has done more for the armed forces than those cnuts in Downing Street and Whitehall, at least. My letter to the Torygraph will go tonight.
  9. Jim Davidson was doing a show in the rub shelter at Kelly's Garden near the end of my stint in FI. There were Islanders (Benny's) in the audience with kids. He said, " We'll keep it clean lads as there are youngsters from the Islands here in the front row.....awwwwwwww fck them, I'm not fcking here for them!"

    There was the loudest applause you'd ever heard.

    He then proceeded to go round the porta cabins and ended up with the lads, pissed as a fart and still had us all institches, great bloke. I'll dig a piccy out.
  10. shotgun_ if your in it dont bother with piccy!! i've been drinking, don't want to be sick
  11. It was on the front page of the Times, so I have written to them.

    Text of my letter:


    Jim Davidson (front page, 17 Dec), has done a great deal for the Armed Forces of this country, both by entertaining them in many theatres of operations, and through the charity he founded, the British Forces Foundation. I am sure most servicemen would rather see him than other comedians who have visited the Gulf, such as Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon.

    I remain
    Yours sincerely
  12. Class will hat is off to you, short and sharp.
  13. If published, I may be joining you at Transport....
  14. So why the kisses? :D
  15. My real name is XXX :D