Telegraph - Im young, single and in Iraq...drop me a line

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gooseman, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. All sad officers take one step forward....
  2. officers, brilliant - dont you just luv em
  3. I'm trying to get my head around actually having sex with the kind of guy who puts a personal ad in Country Life, and I just cannot do it.
  4. Wouldnt mind writing to the Captain!
  5. It was the taste in both films and heroes that got me.

    How are we going to win a war fought on two fronts against an implacable foe, whilst led by officers whose favourite films are moronic, multiplexed, Hollywood pap and whose heroes are TV chefs?!!

    I ask you! Whither the art-house? Whither the European cinema? Whither hard core XXX porn?

  6. Jaysus! There are some desperate Faces in there, innit. Have to say I snorted when I saw one name... step forward, Mr Tuggey!
  7. Ellie would get it, though she would have to have her teeth ground down a bit before I let her have the pleasure of giving me a BJ!

    All that interbreeding .......
  8. Quite prepared to give Capaint Rush a sudden rush.
  9. Dare I ask what you were looking for to find that link Gooseman, unless you have taken to reading the Telegraph!!

    Always had you down as a Sun man :)
  10. a man of my caliber sluicey, its got to be the telegraph - only read the sun for the sport - cough cough splutter :wink:
  11. There must be something wrong with me but I've got a bit of the horn for the first chap, Philip Kaye. He can ride my polo ponies anytime! :-D

    TY - countrylife is my pornography!
  12. very dirty stuff :wink:
  13. the Lt's hobbies seem a little sinister...

    Pastime: Stalking, polo
  14. So he likes sneaking up on sweets, what’s wrong in that.