Telegraph Crossword

Discussion in 'Officers' started by IdleAdjt, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Thought this would be the place for some intellectual help.

    Attempt the croosword every day llike the old days in the mess. Its not so easy on your own. Anyone feel like giving some help.

    Maybe a free exchange of answers.
  2. "croosword"?


    Are you Welsh?
  3. Do you mean the Cryptic one, or the quick one?
  4. What d'you mean? What is a cryptic welshman? And what's a quick Welshman - Gavin Hanson springs to mind; ha ha you English/Italians/rest of you.
  5. Surely the "Cymraeg" one (if he's Welsh)
  6. Now you know why I find the crossword so difficult. I spell like a cnut.

    Obviously I mean the cryptic one, this is the officers' forum after all.
  7. I can honestly say that I have no idea how to do cryptic crosswords at all.
  8. I try and crack it at coffe and finish it at lunch-I refer you to an excellent book on the history of the Telegraph Crossword over the last 80 years-check out the Torygraph website for details.
  9. I have a friend known to a select few as Di, short for Diana Ross, as he has three degrees. :roll: Anyway, Di seems to complete it in about 25 - 30 mins, down the pub, whilst still engaging in the usual chat and banter! 8O
    Everybody hates a smartarse!
  10. One doesn't have to be or have been an officer to do the telegraph crossword. I have been doing it for many years!
  11. Once saw a bloke do the Times crossword on the Tube. Watched him for about five minutes. He read the question and scribbled the answer. Clever cnut I thought. He got of at Covent Garden and left the paper on his seat, I picked it up and looked at his answers :lol: Hed filled the whole crossword with answers like this,
    Posing cnut. Made me laugh though.

  12. Struggling a bit today. Pressure of work and all that getting in the way of the main effort. Balls to work.
  13. What, the same one? :D

    (Only joking Growler)
  14. Old crossword gag but here goes...................

    "Seven down, postman drops heavy maibag"

    How many letters? (asks innocent victim).

    Fcuking hundreds.

    Laugh - I nearly did.
  15. So what's the clue you're struggling with?