Telegraph: "Army says it needs 20,000 more soldiers"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soleil, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Try telling the one eyed wonder !
  2. Trident " least likely to be used".

    I wonder if our politicians, many with former links to CND do, under it all, actually believe that Nukes are a deterrent - or are they just an excuse to stay at the big boys table ? - If so maybe the Foreign Office should pay for them.

    A line I heard, from someone senior in the Recruiting world, was that the only affordable way to have 20,000 extra soldiers was if they were Reservists, only paid when directly training for or deployed on Ops.
  3. Or they could increase the defence budget.

    But that's too sensible.
  4. This would be a 'politicians fix' as opposed to the miltarys requirements, the TA has rapidly become a 'freelance army' which is not what it was established for or should ever be used for. Its just a cheap way of fighting wars.
  5. What kind of shite talk is that, and I suppose we should sell the prisons xbox's and flat screen tellies to pay for it too? Bollocks to you, leave politics to the people fcuked eyes and never ending foreheads.
  6. BBC News

    He also warned that coalition troops could not afford to fail and said UK forces now "for the first time" had the resources they had wanted.

    So everything is alright and everything needs a rethink. On the same day. Wunderbar.
  7. Simian erudition?
  8. They could indeed but one small problem: there's no money left.
  9. "A British Army strategy document seen by The Sunday Telegraph states that the Army may need to grow by 20 per cent from its current strength of 101,000 troops if the country is to be adequately defended from future threats. It stated that expensive equipment may need to be sacrificed to pay for the additional soldiers."

    So that's great then. Recruit more soldiers and then blame the politicians when there isn't enough kit for them...
  10. Of course there is.
    The government has massive quantities of cash (actually, it's our cash but lets not split hairs) they just chose to spend it on foreign aid and welfare.
    Mr Brown has spent the last 12 years or so throwing vast quantities of mony around, he continues to do so. There is plenty of money there to increase defence spending, we would just have to stop squandering it elewhere.....
  11. You are right in many ways but you have to get wake up and smell coffee. Govt has indeed been lashing our cash around left right and centre. This now has to stop, as we owe many many billions of pounds. We have to start saving EVERYWHERE if there is any chance of sorting this mess out. Defence is not immune from this, and should not be so naive as to think othewise. Expect no good news.
  12. We could just increase the amount of Gurkhas they are happy to serve and would love the opportunity to earn some more money.
  13. The army is never going to say that they are happy with what they have, thank you very much!

    I think the army has a long way to go with in-house reorganisation and getting rid of capbadge empires before he starts leaking stuff to the press about needing more troops.

    10 000 troops are currently deployed, with 20 000 training to deploy or recovering. That leaves 70 000 on other tasks. I've seen the LAND "look how busy we are and can't possibly do anything else" slides since 1999. They were hogwash then and they are hogwash now.

    Defence cuts are coming - the army needs to reorganise itself so that it can maintain 10% of its strength deployed on an enduring operation and still be ready to provide force elements elsewhere.

    In my time in the army I saw inefficiency, bad contracting, wasted resources, wasted time and wasted opportunity on a scale that would put Royal Mail to shame. The answer is certainly not "another 20000 troops".
  14. I don't think anyone expects good news.

    Nevertheless, defence of the realm is a governments first priority. Well a normal government.

    The tories would rather ringfence foreign aid. As for Labour, they're all ex CND or socialist party and hate the military.

    Both parties are a joke.

    The fact is the current defence budget is completely sustainanble even in the current climate, there just isn't any political will to do so. They'd rather spend 'it on schools and hospitalz'.